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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: The roadmap to becoming a rich Instagram Influencer

All about how to become a rich Instagram Influencer. It is not as easy as you think (mostly luck) and is serious work. I’m glad blogging is just a side hobby that happens to make some money… and is fun!

(Plug plug, my instagram is here @saverspender!)

I have found my forever t-shirt place. It is Cuyana, and it is these great v-neck tees for $45.

Crazy Rich Asians? This daughter of former founder Huawei Annabel Yao talks about still feeling like a normal girl. even though she debuted at Le Bal in Paris. Oh, and Chryseis Tan feels the same way too, even though she is also worth millions.

If I had a wedding to attend, I’d totally rock this red, off the shoulder stunner from Anthro.

Income percentile by sex — this is actually interesting to browse through and use.

The absolute, chicest, most comfortable pair of leather flats I wore all around NYC and my feet only complained after 50,000 steps.

FOUR YEARS OF SHOPPING. Documented. This is amazing. I love that she went into such detail about what she kept, etc.. I wish I had the energy to do this. And persistence. I think my image would be the entire world wide web because for real …. I have shopped a lot. O_o

I bought this Space NK cosmetics bag and it was worth it. I finally found a simple, clear, sturdy bag that you can see through when you need to know what is in there.

It would be such a great experience to go through what I have purchased in the past 4 years and see what I kept, donated, trashed…

My friend picked up this gorgeously scented Byredo Tulipe scent for $78 because it brings back great memories of childhood spring for her. It smells DIVINE. The other scents were all incredible, not too cloying, not cheap and not too kiddie.

Oh and I made the Healthline Best Minimalist Living Blogs of 2019! And thanks to Gen Y for featuring me.


  • Xin

    Thank you for the shoutout! Between the way I track my shopping and personal finances (both in great detail, and often using at least two different apps or online tools, if not more, whether it’s Pinterest and the blog for my shopping or an Excel spreadsheet, YNAB, and sometimes Personal Capital for my money), I’m definitely the type of personality who finds it useful and even enjoys keeping track of things in great detail. I do think it’s overkill sometimes, I’m not always good about putting the data to good use, but I do think it’s fun to go back and analyze it afterwards :].

    And dang, every time I read about influencers, particularly those who have more of their following on Youtube or Instagram (or other platforms I barely even know about) rather than blogs, and all the work and luck it takes to succeed, I find it absolutely dizzying. Even if I’ve been blogging for years, their business is definitely completely different from what I know how to do.

    I dropped by the Cuyana store downtown recently, and I also loved the texture of their tees. (And a lot of their newer totes are quite nice too, a bit structured and more practical than the floppier “classic” ones.)

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      I think it is incredible. Makes me want to half-try it but then on top of blogging, already tracking my money, social media, full-time job AND a child… I think not. 🙂 For now.

      Influencers take a heck of a time to become where they are. The criticism is incredible, and hurtful sometimes. I’d rather not be one ….

      CUYANA IS MY JAM! I think that is ‘my’ store and I should stop trying to wear boxy shapeless clothing 😛

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