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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: A man is not a plan. The rise and fall of an Instagram Influencer.

This made me so hollow inside after reading this piece on Natalie Jean – an Instagram Influencer. Imagine – your whole career is just up in flames because it was based on a ‘happy family story’ that broke apart after a divorce. What do you do then? … A MAN IS NOT A PLAN, folks.

How many Earths do you need for your lifestyle?

Please take this test. I implore you. It is not meant to make you feel bad, but to make you aware of what your lifestyle is costing the Earth.

I used to be at 1.7 Earths before I embarked on changing my lifestyle when I originally took the test, and now I am at this:

Things I have changed to reach this:

  • We have cut down our consumption of meat to one meal a week. Exceptions – when we go out to eat or celebrate, but I personally take the vegetarian options these days. My partner and Little Bun take some meat options and I take a bite to taste, but that’s about it. I’d be happy with 100% vegetarian meals from them as well (in fact I encourage it). I am working on going full vegetarian. I have found I don’t even enjoy the taste of meat as much as before, perhaps it is due to eating less of it. My weakness is seafood but this book has totally changed my mind about seafood – Real Food, Fake Food.
  • I am crazy about electricity and heat consumption – We wear warm clothes in the apartment during winter, and looser clothing during summer. We don’t keep anything at skin temperature in either climate, and really try to minimize our use of electricity. We unplug EVERYTHING at night, even turning off the breaker for the oven.
  • I have been far more conscious about my plastic consumption and use. I am working to find non-plastic options, and to stop using so much one-use plastic. This can be a real challenge.
  • I have stopped shopping new for 99% of my items. I really am sticking to no more retail items as much as I can, unless a very unique piece comes around, or if it is socks/underwear and the like. This is a big impact.
  • I don’t travel as much as before – I only go to NYC, that is about 2 hours in the air. I am thinking of taking the train this year instead.
  • I don’t use the car as much as before

There is more I can do, for sure, on the recycling and plastic side. I am working on seeing where else I can cut, and very conscious about using up what I have first, and being thoughtful about my next purchases.

A small but big change for me has been trying to move towards shampoo bars for my hair instead of using shampoo in plastic one-use bottles. I have to use up all the shampoo I do have already, but once they are done, I am switching over to shampoo and conditioner bars 100%.

I am not perfect, my skincare is still in plastic, same with my makeup. The natural stuff doesn’t work on my skin, and makes me break out like crazy (I have tried over the years). I am making compromises in trying to cut down on other areas of my life to compensate.

A few interesting videos (a hodge podge) for you to watch:

The World’s Most Dangerous Roads in Congo

How to Spot a Liar – Pamela Meyer

The Secret World of Geishas

And their geiko hairstyle:

I leave you with this: Would it be too childish if I secretly loved and wanted to wear this hot pink heart sweatshirt? I really think it looks chic and fun, as does this one with navy blue and hearts all over it.


  • Catherine

    I got 2.4 Earths – and had thought that I was “pretty good” going into this quiz. Boy, was I presumptuous! I like the way they break down the use, and I can see that even though I “only” assumed about 30hrs of personal travel – that was a huge contributor to my carbon footprint. It’s crazy.

    Also, I would love to see a whole post from you dedicated to the article about the influencer – A Man is Not a Plan.

  • liteadventurer

    I got 4.3 earths. Most of that is due to transportation; around 100 miles per week in the car and many vacation flights per year. Plus, I live in the southern United States, and no one here cares about the environment so things like recycling aren’t readily available.

    The calculator leaves out one very important metric: how many children one has. From what I’ve read, having a child has a far greater effect on one’s carbon footprint than all the other stuff combined. I bet if they took that into consideration, my total earths would be a fraction of what it’s showing.

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      I give you a full 2 Earths for not having a child. It is partly why we stopped at one as well (he was an accident, truth be told..), but it does make me feel a bit better in that regard.

      Why is the southern United States so behind on recycling, etc? What do you think is the blocker?

      • liteadventurer

        Most of the south consists of red (conservative Republican) states. In general, that political party does not see environmental protection as a priority, and many of its members deny that climate change is a real thing. We do have recycling available, but it’s so inconvenient that most people don’t bother.

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