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Ask Sherry: Why do I like to dress up? Do I ever feel uncomfortable?

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As someone that doesn’t mind super expensive and fancy stuff, what makes you go for (eclectic and beautiful) costume jewellery?

It’s because I don’t really like tasteful jewellery. Little studs, delicate things.. that is not my style.

My costume jewellery needs are all about statement pieces so that I wear one, not one neutral delicate piece forever that goes with everything. BORING. 🙂

I also find that I am leaning towards more neutral outfits as of late and letting some statement pieces shine on top of it all.

I like interesting, beautiful pieces, bold statement necklaces, rings and bracelets, and I really lean towards vintage, unique items because I don’t want to wear what everyone else has.

Would you dress the same way if you lived somewhere much more casual? I found when I lived in Montreal I could ALWAYS be dressed up and it was fine! But living in Saskatoon and other places in Canada, I would feel out of place.

Probably not. If I lived in the middle of nowhere where NO ONE dresses up nicely, I’d dial it back. WAY BACK.

I remember living in a small little town of maybe 1000 people once, and it was really hard to not wear dresses and nice boots because even THAT was considered “fancy” and people would give me the eye when I went out.

We’re talking about a city that only liked hoodies and sweatpants with jeans it seems.

This is why I only want mid-sized or larger sized cities 😉 For the fashion and style 😉

I am not really a fan of only wearing t-shirts and jeans forever, but if I found the perfect small city and I loved living there, I’d probably dial back the style, and end up selling all my heels and fancier items… I’d be sad, but maybe I’d be a different person.

Nahhh.. probably not.

Truth be told, sometimes I just like to dress up for me, and that means not thinking about what other people are going to think if I am in the store wearing leather leggings… y’know?

I do find that when my friends visit and I get to go out alone, I definitely dress up more because I wouldn’t wear such complicated or slightly sexier garb when I am out with Little Bun in the daytime.

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