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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Where a badass 16-year old shuts her critics up

Jade Hameister, 16-year old record-setting polar explorer serves up justice on a plate at the South Pole. Seriously though, why the hell would you ever say anything like that to a 16-year old?


Even if they fail, they’ll have made it somewhere better.

You can watch Jade’s TEDX talk here where she encourages other girls to be just as adventurous. I love that she killed it in a pink snowsuit of all things.

Love.. love.. love.. this gorgeous Nakamol drusy ring. This brand is my jam. It’s right up my alley.

Also, umm… this hilarious video for recruiting New Zealand cops makes me want two things: A) to move to New Zealand because it sounds like such a wonderfully chill country, and B) become a cop….

I couldn’t take it any more with my car dying so often so I invested in this pair of jump starter car cables that you can pre-charge (and it holds a charge for a year) so I don’t have to rely on anyone. You can even charge your phone on it (it has USB ports).

Speaking of food, I am just DROOLING watching this Alain Ducasse meal unfold before my eyes.. I asked my partner if we could go to his place in Paris one day to eat, and he looked at me and snorted: “With your appetite!? You’d eat my meal and yours, and we’d be out a thousand euros and have to still go get burgers after at McDo because we’d be so poor from the meal…” 😛

I almost, ALMOST bought this shirt until I realized it was for children. It’s SO PRETTY. It is perfect for kids though.

A cool Canadian art exhibit that reimagines art by mixing history with virtual art.

I a thousand percent might buy this book for Little Bun – Harold’s Hungry Eyes — and I think I might just as well satisfy my stomach with this Parmesan Cheesy Cauliflower Soup recipe as I am trying harder to go vegetarian this time around..

I also really really love this living arrangement. I think it is brilliant and we should do more of this because it is nice for people to have companions they can lean on and trust. My heart is so warm now.

For this price point under $50, I’d try this off the shoulder trend in this cosy sweater.. But I really feel like this sweater is more my style.

Loved this Money Diary from Traveling Cents. I love reading these things!

It is too far away from summer but I am dreaming and looking at summer dresses like this gorgeous pale ruffly blue one


  • Sense

    NZ is the Canada of the Southern Hemisphere 🙂

    We’re just really, really far away from almost EVERYWHERE

  • Anne

    A friend of my sister’s loves to go to fine dining restaurants with her because she’s tiny, but eats like a horse. When the waiter at the end of the meal consisting of several pretty small dishes asks her if she liked it, she every now and then has to say “yes, everything was very good… but I am still hungry”. Her friend thinks the faces of the waiters at that moment are worth the price of the dinner. And they always fix some more food for her.

    The dishes of the Alain Ducasse restaurant looked big enough to satisfy my sister’s appetite – and they were a so beautiful! I certainly hope that there will come a time in the future, when I can celebrate some special occasion with a dinner in one of his restaurant.

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      I am that girl.. for sure.. I am tiny but eat like a horse, and once when I finished a whole pizza, crust and all, they said: WHOA you ate it all.. and I said: Yeah, it was just okay. I could have done with a few more slices…

      I would put his place, and French Laundry on my list.

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