Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Where this is what women really want


I just may be obsessed with this brand for jewellery – Soko. I love all of their necklaces like this double layered one, this horn, this paddle, and this hoop fringe one.

The quality of what you eat matters way more than quantity. I feel like I have always known this instinctively. Who wants to eat a large amount of crap when you can eat a little bit of the good stuff instead? Eat well, in moderation, with more emphasis on vegetables and fruit; walk & take the stairs as often as you can. THERE. THAT IS IT FOLKS. I guess I won’t be a diet book bestselling author…

This could possibly be the perfect, iconic striped shirtdress.

Has anyone heard of this borrowing concept instead of buying an item you need? Borrow Stuff you need. Lend stuff you don’t.┬áSo if you need something like an expensive tool or piece of equipment, you don’t need to buy it — just borrow it. I love the concept, and if you use my link for Fat Lama you’ll get $25 towards your first borrowed item. It’s the ultimate in minimalism!

If this gorgeous ivory turtleneck was priced more reasonably (not in the 4-figures), it would be such a great turtleneck to curl up and cuddle up in.

This is incredible how one snap shot can change someone’s life and turn them into a top model… She is STUNNING.

This yellow dress makes me yearn for summer. I cannot wait to wear skirts and dresses constantly!

I love, love, LOVED this article on how this couple made it work so that her husband could stay at home to pursue being a journalist and take care of their son. They slashed budgets, and made things work.

LOL… unicorn horn makeup brushes. If I cared about brushes I’d consider buying them just for kicks. To this day, I only really use 3 brushes regularly — Mac 195 concealer, Mac 129S powder and Mac 116S blush.

I am always on the hunt for the “perfect” item, and concealers have eluded me for quite some time now. I have tried everything from HD to Too Faced, etc.. and my current fave is actually a foundation stick from Anastasia Beverly Hills, so when I saw this article reviewing and testing out on a real face a bunch of concealers, I devoured the article. The drugstore winner? Nyx HD Concealer. For such a low price I’m willing to give it a shot and I’ll be heading to pick one up today.

!!!! I do not need any more graphic shirts, but this one is calling out to me.


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