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Ask Sherry: Did I ever buy that super expensive car I wanted?

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Did you ever buy the expensive new car you were looking into? Why or why not?

I most certainly did. It cost (after taxes) over $100,000.

Okay. It’s okay.

Take a breath…

(My partner hyperventilated at the final price tag, then insisted on calculating every upgrade I took down to the penny…)

I love it.

I know you can’t love THINGS, but … this car has changed my mood considerably.

Driving is no longer a chore, I never have to worry now if my car will suddenly conk out on the side of the road..

… then it has HEATED SEATS, proper sound systems, a built-in GPS, and it is so.. dang.. freaking.. pleasurable to drive.

I don’t even have to wear a coat in the car. I have heat. Real heat, everyone… *sobs tears of joy*

The last time I drove my old car, I didn’t get any heat in it, and it only sort of started up when I arrived at my destination half an hour later. I shivered the whole time with gloves and earmuffs on. #ForReal

I see driving as a happy thing now, not an unhappy one.

I also think this is vain to say, but I am also no longer sad or embarrassed to step out of my car.

My old cars were … wrecks.Β  They were wrecked LEMONS.

The ONLY TINY LITTLE THING… is that people give me looks. Like “’re how old, and you’re driving such an expensive car!?

Umm yeah.

I feel uncomfortable and yet oddly proud that I (at my age) can afford such a car, so it’s a mixed bag of feelings to be honest. I know it costs more than what people make in a year, let alone 3 years, in ONE CONSUMER PURCHASE, but …. I’m happy.

I enjoy it. That’s all that matters to me right now. And my partner after he got over breathing into a paper bag over the sticker shock, he loves driving it too.

He looks forward to errands now so he can take the car. LOL…

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  • StackingCash

    !!!!!!Awesomeness!!!!! So happy you splurged on this aspect of life. Although I wish you were able to divulge what you got since I’m a big fan of sporty, luxurious transportation. I have an 2018 Audi S5 Sportback on order myself which should be arriving in a few months. Definitely a splurge for me as well but #yolo dammit! πŸ˜‚

  • Mia

    You go, girl!

    If I recall correctly, you once said that you learned to drive relatively late, didn’t have a car for a long time, and have only driven older used cars, right? And you’ve never wrecked anything, been in an at-fault accident, or gotten any tickets (which would raise your insurance dramatically)? So, when you think of it, your lifetime spending on cars and related stuff probably is still pretty reasonable for someone your age. πŸ™‚

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      Yes! I did not drive until my mid-20s (let alone get a license), and all my cars have been in the 90s…

      Zero accidents, tickets, etc… I’m pretty good in general. πŸ™‚ I’m even more careful with this car now, and it does have a camera to sense things for me which helps IMMENSELY.

      • Mia

        Well, there you go. You have about ten years’ less of accumulated car-related expenses than someone who got their first car and started driving for their regular commute at age 16. πŸ™‚

      • Mia

        Somewhat similar–a friend of mine (who is lawyer with a good job) didn’t buy her first car until she was 40, and she was like, “I waited until 40 to buy a car, so I am going to get exactly what I want in a car.”

  • Sense

    I think I missed the post on the car buying, but I’m curious. Did the dealership people act weird when you bought it as a younger woman? Did they assume someone else was buying it for you? Esp because it was paid for in cash?

    Also if I ever had that much to spend on a car (haha, right–I’ve bought all my cars for $2750 USD or less!), I’d go for a Tesla. I recently toured one and had a little test drive for fun. I am not a car person and not normally impressed by shiny new things, but I WAS IMPRESSED.

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      Yes and no. The salesperson I worked with was about my age, so she was like: YES! THIS IS AWESOME. All the women were so happy. They’re used to selling to guys buying for their wives, or just.. OLD GUYS with money so she was pleased it was me. I think I may be the youngest / only young woman who came in and paid for it for herself….. It is not something that is commonly seen.

      No one assumed they were buying it for me. I was clear up front it was my money and they better address their questions to me.

      Most of my cars were not expensive most of my life, but I just wanted to see what a new luxury car was like and how long it would last.

  • SarahN

    I bought a 8 year old Audi, and feel both embarrassed and proud. Being that it’s second hand, it was bought for cash, and far cheaper than Asian car brands others buy new. It’s the first car I’ve bought – though I have had work cars, and cars handed down to me and my brothers to share.

  • Nina

    I just have to ask… are you going to tell us what make and model or leave us hanging? πŸ˜‰

  • Financial Orchid

    Porsche cayenne?

    I drove a 14 year beater and sold it last year.
    Fortunately it’s not so cold where I live so I rent on demand even luxury vehicles :). It’s a great feeling knowing I am not responsible for the maintenance for depreciating asset while still experiencing luxury.

    I like to rent luxury and buy utility whenever I can

  • ReadingSSS

    Congratulations on making your life SO MUCH BETTER in one fell swoop! I can’t imagine not having heat in a car in a Canadian winter. With your jam-packed schedule, you don’t have time to wait around for your battery to get a jump or whatever it was it kept needing when you were out and about.

    Your partner drives your car? Did he pay for half of it? Does he pay for half the insurance? I’m assuming, since he bought $2000 chairs without consulting you first, and then expected you to pay for half of that cost, that he’s paying for half the car. You did discuss this with him first, right?

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      *laugh* Yeah it was worth it. I really LOVE THE CAR.

      No he doesn’t pay for any of it, but I let him drive it and he does pay half of what he uses.. πŸ™‚ He also chips in knowing he paid zero to the car, by cleaning it weekly and helping me organize it, do things.. etc.. He still helps me maintain it

      • GYM

        I was wondering the same thing since he drives it πŸ™‚ That’s nice that your husband helps to maintain it! He must love maintaining it and cleaning it weekly. I know sometimes guys like to clean their cars, not sure if he is the type of guy that likes to clean cars and shine them!

        • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

          He enjoys having a nice clean car to be proud of and show off. He knows VERY WELL that he paid $0 towards it and since he uses it on occasion (at least twice a week), he knows he has to make up for it some how by at least maintaining it… he is fair in that sense. πŸ™‚

          (I also remind him it is $0 for him, let’s be honest..)

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