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Ask Sherry: What super expensive items would I want to buy?

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If you had the chance to own a very, very expensive piece of jewelry or a very, very expensive watch, which would you choose and why?

Well. Haha.. this is the one area all you regular readers will know that I don’t actually spend $$$ on.

Clothes, car, house, check… but jewellery? Fine jewellery? Not really. Watches? Sure but not thousands.

I had to really think about this.

Jewellery is not something I would go really gaga over except for pretty items, but nothing like fine, stylish, classy jewellery with gold, diamonds, precious stones, etc…

So.. watch it is!

I like really masculine, big dial watches that are interesting, and I especially like the look of VERY minimalist, or very skeleton so you can see the gears.

I have always liked the Hermès Arceau Celeste Watch for just tens of thousands of dollars, when it debuted:

I like the whole look of it, and a starry, celestial sky… just very pretty.

Then, if I wanted something really classic and minimalist, nothing better than a Cartier tank watch:

A classic, pretty minimalist watch:

I will have to say that I however, do not love watches that much that I could ever spend more than $300-ish on a watch.

I like Olivia Burton’s designs the best, and the interesting watch face is what I really like, plus their watch bands are slim and still delicate even with a huge watch face.

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  • Becka

    My husband bought me the Sunrise Citizen for Christmas a few years ago and yes it is a fabulous watch.

  • Becka

    I sort of thought you would go with the watch. I’m not a watch person myself and I do own my share of fine jewelry, but my favorite watch brand is Citizens. They make watches with a solar cell instead of a battery that always needs replaced. They call it Eco Drive. As long as the watch is kept near an ordinary light source ( I just lay mine on the dresser) it never needs any maintenance. I’ve had one for 10 years now and it has kept perfect time. So you’re not contributing to disposing of endless watch batteries, nor do you end up with a drawer full of watches that need their batteries changed. Their prices range from around $200 to $800 for the more fancy ones. Out of the two watches you chose I think I like the Cartier best. Very classic.

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