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Ask Sherry: How do you find good deals online for secondhand stuff?

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How do you find good deals on ebay and poshmark without spending a lot of time searching?

I know what I want, and I like the expensive stuff.

There is no short way around it. What do I mean?

Certain Brands

I like brands of a certain feather… and they are:

  • The Row anything
  • MM Lafleur anything
  • M. Gemi Shoes
  • Olivia Burton Watches
  • Theory anything
  • Acne Studios anything
  • Equipment tops and dresses
  • Derek Lam Crosby tops and dresses
  • Emerson Fry
  • Sézane
  • Cuyana
  • Smythe blazers
  • Parker (their leather jackets are killer)

I sometimes just do specific brand searches, then search anything in “dresses” and then filter down to my size.

Looking for Specific Items

There are specific pieces I am hunting down, like this Ted Baker Grettia skirt in a Ted Baker Size 1 (holla atcha girl if you have one and want to sell it):

Looking for general items

Sometimes I type in: White cotton shirtdress

..and then I see what pops up. I browse through things, I filter by price (sorting from high to low), and once I see a brand or an item I think I would like, I take down the details and search JUST with that specific name.

For instance, one day I searched: Graphic Tee

Then I saw this J. Crew Paris tee and found it super cute, so I started searching with the name in the listing:

  • J. Crew Destination Tee
  • J. Crew Paris Tee
  • J. Crew City Tee

…and got a bunch of hits and ended up buying Paris, NYC, and London (which I wear as a home lounge shirt now):

What bottles do you use your son’s milk? Do you need to replace them often?

I love these LifeFactory bottles. I have never replaced them. They’re glass and get washed by my partner because I am not to be trusted with glass apparently. 🙂

I have however, had to replace the covers and tops (attached to the bottles in the picture above) because we are sometimes so distracted that we overcompensate and over tighten on the bottle, and it cracks the ring.

We also have the sippy tops which Little Bun loves.

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