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Ask Sherry Anything: Waterproofing boots?

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I am apprehensive about buying “Start to Blog like a Boss’ on Pinterest is there another way? I have been scammed before. Terence

On Pinterest? Umm.. Well 🙂

You could use my actual site and do it via Paypal and download it IMMEDIATELY after you pay.

Click on the link below & follow the Paypal instructions.


If you don’t get your item, you can open a Paypal dispute and get the money back right away.

As for being “scammed”, I would never break the trust of my readers and have been selling online tools since 2008. I’ve been selling various tools, but mostly:

Please note: I have limited email and internet access, but I have successfully sold the book automatically via the site where you pay, your payment clears and you are brought to a page immediately to download the ebook.

If you want the physical book, you’ll have to be patient until I am back in the office at the start of July.

Thank you! <3

Have you had your Frye (or any other) boots waterproofed? If so, did you do it yourself or pay someone to do it? What product? Thank you!


I clean and condition my boots, and I’ve sort of been hesitant on wanting to waterproof them at first because of the silicone products because with leather, once you “waterproof” them with silicone products you don’t allow the leather (an animal skin) to breathe.

I heard a super cheap version to waterproof the boots is to use Vaseline, as it is a good water barrier.

Still, I would never try this on a “fashion boot” like Frye boots as they are quite pricey.

What you COULD try is using (if you aren’t against it), mink oil which is what I discovered after a lot of research. That is a pretty good waterproofer and this is the one I use:

Just keep in mind that you have to redo the layer each winter (I do this at the end of summer so it is fresh for autumn).

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