Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge: Where this is the salary of what people are making (for real)

Want to see real salaries from real women? Check out The Salary Project. Submit yours.

I bought this dry shampoo and it has revolutionized my life. It also comes in brunette but be forewarned, it will leave brown streaks on your fingers.

Paris tips from a Parisian. I read this out to my partner and he fell over laughing. It is half tongue-in-cheek, half true and half not true. They forgot to mention all the dog crap littering the entire city, ruining any chance of walking normally and not acting like a cricket to avoid these poos.

My mother of all people, sent me this top she had bought for herself but found it was too small (cropped?), and I love the crisp look of it over my pencil skirts and dresses that you cannot get with full-length shirts.

These stories of women dealing with sexism is sort of my life. Not all the time, nor as raunchy thank goodness, but I have definitely been on the receiving end, and at one point or another, had to deal with the situation. Now, I just say stuff. Calmly, but pointedly.

If you have to buy a leather jacket that is versatile, not too rocker-ish, and comfortbale, might I direct you to this staple style? I’d love it in taupe.

She is a fantastic writer, that Nora Ephron — it is not love, it is just where I live (although the mention of rent in NYC makes me cringe, even though I myself paid $5000 a month in rent when I lived there).

Wore these jeans the other day and was reminded again how AMAZING THEY ARE. Splurge on the stuff you wear often. Seriously.

Reading this about emotional labour and not having to ask as the real gift triggered something in me. It finally put into words what I have been trying to explain to male colleagues who feel the need to proactively defend their relationships by attacking mine because they have realized they don’t do enough for their families and their life. My favourite line in the whole, very illuminating article is: “Our sons can still learn to carry their own weight. Our daughter can learn to not carry others‘.”

I am lucky, VERY lucky that I have a partner who understands emotional labour, and actually, I am the one who sometimes slacks on this front.

I almost.. very.. near miss… bought this amazing necklace because it was under $10 and looks like it costs a lot more.

Skincare products for cancer patients. We don’t talk about it enough, and maybe like me, you have someone who has gone through cancer and could have used these products and tips. Either way, share the love.

So far, these are the best makeup wipes I have found to date. No disagreeable scent, quite liquid-y and removes makeup well.

On the one hand, I really, don’t bloody get the appeal of fine jewellery, particularly “limited edition” versions of clover leaf necklaces *cough*Van Cleef*cough*. When I see clovers, all I can think of is either St. Patrick’s Day, or a children’s necklace. THE EMPRESS HAS NO CLOTHES, PEOPLE!…. and yet, on the other hand you can pay $6000 for that necklace and re-sell it for $12,000. That? I get. I just wouldn’t “get” which one would be worth investing in.

I need to get these WTF Notepads for the office. I’d go through them in a week.

I found this infographic on vaccines to be quite simple and easy to understand for any of you who may have been worried about it.

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