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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: What you don’t understand about being poor

1. Being Poor

Here’s what you don’t understand about being poor, from a very enlightening, eye-opening Reddit thread. I already knew quite a lot of them, because we are supporting poor family members right now, and while they do not complain, we do pick up on the subtext of what they are saying. Even just having a meal out, or being able to dye your hair, sounds like luxuries, but it is all they can afford because it’s exhausting.

Try living with NOTHING. Doing nothing but going to work and being at home. I would find it quite tedious after a few months, and while some people are naturally frugal like this, I am not one of them. And you wouldn’t be either if you couldn’t at least take your children to McDonald’s once a month as a treat and get a toy, or buy them the 64-pack of crayons. All you think about is money and it just spirals. You feel terrible as a parent, like a failure, and it’s tough. There are so many complex emotional and mental problems that arise with poverty.

2. Bleached

I am committed to wearing a hat way more often rather than using sunscreen because ALL sunscreen (chemical being the worst, mineral being the best of the worst), bleaches the coral reefs and ruins the marine life, and is literally killing fish.

As a result, I am going to wear a hat. But it has to look cute. I am eying this raffia one in white, as it would go with almost all outfits being a neutral. I like fedora look, but also wide brim hats (think Coco Chanel like this gorgeous one), so I may buy a few of those so I have a few looks that can go with what I own. This seems like… extreme to some, rather than wearing sunscreen, but if we can wear hats instead of harming marine life, I am going to do it. I am one person, but I am going to try. The last brand I really like is also by Goorin Bros. Their hats are phenomenal.


That’s the only word I can describe this story of a man with two wives, 3 fiancés and 15 girlfriends. The cost of this, is staggering.. in my head. Unless it’s all debt? Yes, that’s the only thing I clearly want more information on (LOL) because I am a money nerd is how he could afford all of this, and I NEED DETAILS. Never mind the infidelity! The house of cards came down the minute one of them found out (I mean, with 20 women in the picture plus multiple children…. it was going to happen one day).

4. Tobacco

I know I shouldn’t be looking at coats. I mean c’mon. I have so many, and of all sorts of colours, types.. but for some reason, I cannot get the idea of having a brown tobacco coloured coat out of my head, and this Michael Kors one is just stunning. What is it about wrap coats? Is it that they feel like bathrobes? They’re easy to throw on and belt? No buttons? No zips? They fit all sorts of sizes, even ones where you have a baby bump you have to cover? I don’t know, but I’m obsessed.

5. Kids / Not?

This person helps people decide if they should or should not have kids. I think this is brilliant as a consultant who helps people navigate one of the most complicated questions of adult life. It can be difficult to imagine what it would be like with or without children, and it isn’t an easy question to answer.

Children are a lifetime commitment, and once they come in the world, you cannot imagine life without them. But maybe, you would regret that you did have them even if your heart is entirely theirs (I know a few people who have secretly told me this).

There is nothing wrong with wanting or not wanting children. You should do what makes you happy first, because a child’s life is basically at stake here, and it would be a disservice to have one if you would have preferred being childless. They deserve your full love, attention and heart. Or, reserve all of that love for others’ children, and go home happily to your child-free life and be at peace (and know that we parents sometimes envy you greatly even if we chose to have them!)

6. Kryptonite

Usage: As in… striped things are my kryptonite. Like this gorgeous striped Rails dress. Why am I like this? Why have I a penchant for white, blue, or white and blue things, AND in stripes? I don’t get where this came from, this obsession. I blame my mother. I think her wardrobe full of stripes has influenced me greatly, as has her love for menswear and even men’s cologne (she does not wear perfume).

7. Fees

Remember this article about DHL charging hidden fees? I looked into paying CBSA directly instead of DHL and someone wrote in:

About paying Canada Border Services Agency directly instead of DHL: it all depends on how the goods entered Canada. There are times when it is not possible under the courier low value shipment program where the courier (FedEx, UPS, DHL, whoever else) already paid the duties and taxes on your behalf. CBSA cannot collect money twice for the same shipment. So you’d need to ask your courier company for a ‘self clearing package’. If they can provide you with that then go to your nearest CBSA office to pay and thus avoiding the ‘brokerage’ fees to the courier. Next time you get a package with a bill for duties and taxes give CBSA a call and they should be able to provide guidance. I live in Newfoundland and the officers are always great to deal with.

Thank you!

8. Back to school

I swore. I SWORE I would NEVER wear or buy a backpack, and here I am looking at leather backpacks because they look comfortable, are chic, give me that hands-free option I so desperately need. I still need it to be lightweight, small, but not tiny so that I can stuff things in there but to a limit so I still feel free and not hindered by something hanging off one shoulder.

I also briefly toyed with the idea of a fanny pack. Yes. I know. Shock. Horror. Gasp. I didn’t pull the trigger because I cannot find one that doesn’t make me shudder, and the small square ones that look like belts, make me think of carnies holding change for games at the carnival. So I am still looking. Low key.

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