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  • SarahN

    SO my (state) university paid me to take notes in classes where there was a student with special needs (from blind, deaf, physical deformity with hand/arm, or even a broken arm/sleep issues). I wrote, and still do write, AWESOME notes. People in classes knew I was a notetaker, and I said ‘if you pay me the same an hour, I’d do it for you’ but nope, no one wanted to offer the $25 per hour for my time.

    When I graduated, colleagues were in the same course (colleagues who schooled me pre interview, and without that I may have not got my foot in the door). I gave my notes to those still studying, as once I was graduated, I knew I’d have little to no need for highly technical engineering notes.

  • middle class revolution

    The last wish foundation in the Netherlands sounds amazing. We need to do this in every country.

  • Revanche

    What’s got you suspicious about Trader Joe’s? I grew up near them all my life and started shopping there pretty regularly in college. It’s now one of our regular grocery spots. Costco, TJs and occasionally Vons. Come to think of it, I have never, in 15+ years, ever had a single negative experience with an employee there. All either positive or neutral. That is a weird realization. And LB was just given stickers last weekend 😉 the guy asked if ze was too young and I said it was fine so he tore off a strip for hir. Ze enjoyed licking them. 😀
    I was very sad that they moved the store closest to my family away though.

    • save. spend. splurge.

      I don’t know. I just feel like something THAT cheap can’t be totally on the up and up. Their 2 buck chuck wine for instance, is terrible and I wonder if their organic stuff is really organic.. or they just say that it is. *shrug* Either way, organic lemons are a rip off (organic only makes sense for thin-skinned produce)… but still. I wonder how honest they’re being.

      • Revanche

        @save. spend. splurge.: OH I see what you mean. Hmm … I don’t know how you’d check for real organic vs fake organic. That is a very good question. And I had no doubts that 2-buck Chuck tastes terrible or at least only tastes fine to people who drink wine more for the alcohol hit than taste. 😀
        BUT I also wouldn’t say that they were actually super cheap, I can get similar stuff at the Vons store on sale cheaper, it’s just that if it’s not on sale elsewhere then their prices are good enough.
        We tend to buy things that just taste better to us there *and* have stable reasonable prices: their bread vs Costco is about the same cost per unit and has good ingredients (some of their breads are really amazingly good). Hmm I’m a sucker for their mac ‘n’ cheese. I like their broths because we can get low-sodium but still tastes versus other brands that taste awful in exchange because I can’t tolerate too much sodium. Their low-cal or low-fat options are terrible, though, they either skimp on quantity or the taste is icky (struck out with low-fat mac ‘n’ cheese and fruit juices).

        I’m a fan of some things but not a fanatic 🙂 And I do like their good service.

        I like grocery shopping too much…. I may have a problem.

        • save. spend. splurge.

          I guess it depends on what you buy. I liked Trader Joes when I was in NYC but then I started hearing stories… They are like the cheaper, younger, more hip version of Whole Foods 🙂

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