Save. Spend. Splurge.

Did you ever buy something without giving it much thought and it became valuable as time went on?

Not really.

I don’t buy clothing as “investments” and I don’t think of them as being valuable or not. I am only happy if after I get rid of it, or want to sell it, that it sells for more than it was worth.

Honestly it’s a crapshoot in terms of money for clothing being valuable or not.

You never know what people will value.

I personally buy what I like, vintage or not, and then just wear it until it no longer serves me.

I suppose if you had a Louis Vuitton original steamer trunk that would be worth a lot… *shrug* Or some sold-out piece that everyone is after, but I don’t follow such clothing trends.

I only know about them from reading books, like that the Chanel Boy Bag is very much lusted after, or that Chopard (you know the fine jeweller that has clover leaves as their symbol?) have had their jewellery go up in value over time if you “invested” in their pieces. *shrug*

What about you?

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  • Caren

    I saw the headline and didn’t think monetary value, but rather value to me. There are a few things I’ve picked up almost on a whim that unexpectedly turned into wardrobe staples and are quite valuable to me. A pair of linen drawstring pants and bright orange ballet flats come to mind.

  • liteadventurer

    The only physical items I own that have gone up in value are some of my point & shoot film cameras. Apparently they’re all the rage and going for big dollars on eBay. I bought these not for resale value, but because I still like to shoot film once in a while, but I got curious and looked up the going rate and was surprised at what I found.

    But most stuff? Nah.

    It irks me when people misuse the word “invest” when they really mean “purchase.” Recent example that I heard: “investing in a set of headphones.” I highly doubt anyone is going to sell those headphones at a higher price 5 years from now.

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