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10 Fashion Must-Haves in my Closet I swear by

I talked about the 10 Fashion Must-haves that I don’t have here, so here is the follow-up of what I do love from Fashion Must-Have lists:

1. White tailored shirt

Crisp and smart, I love it best tucked into a pair of dark rinse jeans. I also like it in a shirt DRESS form (as evidenced by my shopping sprees).

White is my favourite colour for these shirts because it just looks so clean.

2. Dark rinse skinny jeans

Love them.

My favourites are the AG Farrah High Rise jeans .. they are so comfortable and fit so well like pyjamas that I don’t see why I would wear pyjamas instead of these jeans when I go out.

3. Classic heels

I have them in brown and am looking for them in black. I like Manolo Blahniks the best (used of course as my wallet is not very open to be paying $625 USD for some shoes).

A better priced option but of a good quality is surprisingly, Banana Republic’s Madison pump.

4. Black pencil skirt

I do love a good pencil skirt in black. I have three.

Surprising, considering how much I actually purport to not like black, but some items like a classic pencil skirt look best in black.

One in black thick linen that I studded the hem of in a fit of DIY, a secondhand DvF skirt that stretches and is TIGHT but not constricting, and a silk Rag & Bone black maxi with leather details that I wish I had never chopped to knee length but it is what it is.

5. Ballet flats

I have a preference for pointed ballet flats because they look better on my feet than the round toe versions.

My favourites are from M. Gemi (pricey!) or the more affordable Banana Republic Robin pointed flat.

I am wearing the black pointed M. Gemi ones below here (they change styles so often it is best to check their site):

6. Trench coat

Burberry makes hands down, the best trench coats. I’m glad I got mine on sale, the belt from it alone has been a wardrobe workhorse.


I almost don’t fit into mine any more (thank you pregnancy hormones for expanding my torso to make my upper body larger than it already was) but I don’t care and wear it open, unbelted and as a topper.

For a more affordable option, I was impressed by this trench coat from Banana Republic that comes in a stunning suede as well (OMG LOVE.) and I love trench styles so much that a trench style anything (dress, skirt) also steals my heart like this silk dress.

I also like trenches that are not classically double breasted like an open flowy one like this one that goes on top of everything.

7. Black blazer

As biased as I am against black, I like a sharp black blazer because it seems to contrast in such a way that no navy or grey one could.

I love rolling up the sleeves and wearing it over more casual items like shirts.

8. Striped shirts

I LIVE for striped shirts. Button up, tee, long sleeved, short sleeved.. I cannot get enough.

I especially love a good cotton or linen striped button up shirt with a sharp collar that I can knot at the waist or tuck into a pencil skirt.

9. Oversized watch

A boyfriend or men’s watch to me is not only more classic but practical. I can actually see the time instead of squinting at smaller faced watches.

I love a strong gunmetal men’s watch or something very assertive and then pairing it with hyper feminine outfits like dresses.

Or with a simple collared shirt tucked into jeans to make a classic, no nonsense statement.

10. White tee

Goes with everything. All skirts, pants, and works just like my collared white shirts except a little more casual.

I love linen tees especially and they are effortless counterparts to things like leather pants!!!!

What are your must-haves?

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