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Style: New York meets Paris.


  • glammed up jewellery to the hilt when called for
  • heels at least pointed stilettos 3.25″ high (no shorter)
  • impeccable finish/styling where not a thread is out of place because I am not really 100% into the ‘rumpled dirty bag lady’ look Paris rocks*
  • take some inspiration from bohemian chic side (Brooklyn) with the jewellery and loose, flowing fabrics in bright colours and prints in small pops
  • fun printed skirts and dresses that are very girly & sometimes quite fitted

*Parisiennes seem to on the whole, rock this rumpled, uncombed wild hair look that I really dislike. I like properly combed, not messy yet not too perfectly polished like armour.


  • lots of stripes
  • lots of neutrals
  • comfort is key
  • ballet flats
  • casually chic but never contrived (plain unvarnished nails, minimal makeup) because I am not into being too polished like NYC women**
  • will never will be caught in athleisure
  • practical prettiness – pockets in every possible conceivable item

**In contrast, New Yorkers seem to be a little too ‘done’. Nailpolish on the hands, the feet, not a speck of hair out of place, makeup to the nines, and everything coordinating.

I lean more towards being NYC in terms of polish, but I don’t want to shine like a disco ball, so I add a little gritty casualness to the overall look but not to the extreme of Parisiennes who take it to another level it seems.

Other style points:

  • authenticity & quality in all aspects (See note below)
  • masculine fabrics and styles – wool, tweed, blazers, loafers
  • feminine details or changes – loafers are pointed toe instead of flat and stub-toed, blazers are shawl collared, and the tweed is in a feminine cut and fitted
  • minimalist cuts – plain, simple cuts and fabrics, rarely if any peplum, ruffles or frills or anything that is too precious, I am not into very girly looks or style
  • simple outfits to showcase colourful, various pops of styling – like pops of colour in the jewellery, bags, or very pretty printed tops, but then everything else is plain
  • prints are done in large bright bold abstracts rather than actual prints especially florals that have to be graphic, nothing too on the nose and “perfect”
  • all travel & map prints are always a given in tops, accessories, jewellery, bags, etc.
  • a little bit of rock inspired styling – black, grays, ripped jeans, leather leggings, leather jackets galore, flat moto leather boots, studded rings and necklaces
  • contrasts in styling – if something is very rocker, I add a preppy blazer; if something is very feminine, I add a leather jacket to make it masculine

Authenticity & Quality

I need my style to be authentic and by that I mean that it cannot feel like I’m trying out a persona.

It has to still feel like it is me.

For instance, I can’t wear a silk tuxedo blazer with no bra and some jeans like some fearless women who have nip slip tape to hold it in place, but I can wear the same tuxedo with a lacy camisole underneath (or top) peeking out. A light version.

I also want my pieces to be authentic, I’m not really a fan of designer knockoffs (okay I’m really quite against them) but it does riles me when designer items are of a low quality and the independent, knockoff version is of a higher quality product for less money just because it has no name or label.

In that case, I go for the latter, without a doubt.

I won’t pay for a name (ever, really) if it doesn’t back it up its quality. I’d happily pay for the designer name like Burberry but not if they started making their coats out of polyester and charging $5000 for it.

Oh wait. 😉

I don’t need my items to be leather either, I’d be happy to buy vegan leather and wool but those pieces need to also be authentic in the sense that it has to feel just as good as real leather or wool.

Lastly, I want the piece to be in and of itself, authentic and as real to its nature as possible.

For instance, I had always coveted a trench coat. I looked at all of the brands, touched all the “so similar it is eerie” versions in all the stores but none of them looked and felt like what I wanted — from the actual brand of trenches itself, Burberry.

No regrets. Very me.

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