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Surprising Wardrobe Staples in my Closet

These olive green pants from Rag & Bone The Jean / Legging, similar ones pictured below:

Who knew olive green would be such a neutral, flattering colour that goes with pretty much everything?

This white blazer with black piping that I thought would not be THAT versatile but turned out to be the perfect thing to throw over almost any outfit to freshen it up!

White goes with any colour.



Spiked rings are a very distinct style of jewellery, and surprisingly versatile. I thought I wouldn’t be able to wear them to let’s say work, but they turned out to look quite modern and fresh rather than punk rock when paired with business casual items:

empress-pearl-ring-setThey’re delicate and feminine without being too girly.




  • MelD

    Surprisingly, a simple short, straight orange skirt…!
    I would have included it in my 6 items challenge I did recently but it needed a new lining and has been out of action and sorely missed. I ended up going with grey/blue/green and it worked well for 6 wks, with a thin patterned tunic dress doing a lot of the work, as well as a lace top, and they aren’t even ruined from all the washing 😮
    Khaki green is an excellent colour, I discovered a few years ago – you can wear almost any other colour with it, especially in summer if your skin is a little tanned, from yellow, pink, orange, red to lime green and most blues, grey, brown, black…. It doesn’t work for me now I’m grey haired, tho’, too warm.
    And although I have tried all kinds of things, stripes really don’t cut it for me, sigh. Love the look but not for me!

  • Tania

    I love olive/army green because it’s so versatile, works like a neutral and it gets me out of feeling like death in my mostly black wardrobe. It also still looks great as it ages/fades. My favorite is army pants with a charcoal T (I know you aren’t into grey though). Spikes if aren’t too extreme and mixed with plainer pieces are very chic.

    Mmm, surprising staple for me is stripes. I used to think I couldn’t wear them because I’m busty, curvy and short but I wear stripes all the time now. Especially like a striped top with an edgier jacket. I also bought this IRO boucle jacket for $500 (gulp) a few weekends ago and part of me worried it would languish in my closet, it’s a little fancier than what I normally wear. I’ve worn it 3X a week for two weeks straight now!

  • AdinaJ

    Striped shirts. Always classic. Currently, I also love my plain, black paper-bag waist skirt. I have a different version I wear at the office, which is also proven to be a staple. Also my khaki/olive field jacket and my denim jacket – both are super versatile, if your style leans to the casual side.

    • save. spend. splurge.

      STRIPES! How could I forget STRIPES? I Have so many striped shirts and dresses it isn’t funny.

      I am also on the lookout for a paper-bag waist skirt because I think it’d give me more hip…

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