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Wardrobe Essentials (August 2012)

Inspired by You Look Fab’s wardrobe essentials list, I decided to come up with my own wardrobe essentials list made for my inverted triangle shape (large shoulders, slim everywhere else).


Wardrobe Essential Tops by saverspender
  1. White T-Shirt: Goes with all my skirts, and pants, and even under jackets
  2. Blousy shirts: Tucked into skirts, or pants, they’re comfortable & easy
  3. Oatmeal sweater: This neutral colour is not too dark, not white (hard to clean), and neutral
  4. Shell tops in bright colours: The easiest top to wear to work that look polished but informal
  5. Navy striped shirts: Great for subtle pattern mixing and matching
  6. Dark brown leather biker jacket: The perfect topper on any outfit
  7. Navy blazer: Black is not my favourite colour, navy is dark but not sombre
  8. Military winter coat: Thrown over anything, makes everything look chic

I’ve really been into blousy items over the past few years, as I’ve grown out of being a fan of tighter fits.

I’m also trying to find the perfect wardrobe where a single item like a leather jacket or a navy blazer can be put over any piece in my wardrobe and change it instantly.

In the same vein, any tops that can be worn underneath any jacket, paired with any skirt or pairs of pants — white t-shirts fit this bill so far.


Essential Bottoms by saverspender
  1. Dark bootcut jeans: To wear at all times of the year
  2. Dark skinny jeans: To tuck into boots of course
  3. Navy cigarette pants: I hate the name, but love the style, as long as it isn’t black
  4. Straight-legged jersey pants: For work, they feel like pajamas
  5. Bold pencil skirts: Can go with any simple top and be dressed up or down
  6. Striped skirts: Fun, flouncy, and preferably with pockets

I’m trying not to go overboard with buying different types of skirts, mostly because one bold or striped skirt works as well as the next in the grand scheme of wardrobe things.

I’ve never had a wardrobe ‘problem’ of quantity of pants. I’ve just never seen the appeal of more than one pair of jeans or pants in each style — bootcut, skinny, cigarette.


Wardrobe Essentials – Dresses by saverspender

My weakness is in dresses.

I’m working on pairing dresses with layered sweaters on top with a belt, or pairing dresses with striped shirts to make them more versatile rather than just a one-piece outfit.

Nothing strapless, nothing tight, so no Herve Leger bandage dresses for me!

  1. Wrap jersey dresses: Easy to wear, doesn’t wrinkle, looks great, is flattering on all body shapes
  2. Sheath dresses: I just like the way they feel, and I could wear them to work as well
  3. Flouncy A-line dresses: Girly.. what can I say?


Wardrobe Essentials – Shoes by saverspender

Shoes are simple for me as well. I don’t really keep multiples of the same shoe, except for ballet flats. Everything else is usually one-of-each.

  1. Dark brown flat boots: Perfect fall and winter gear
  2. Neutral ballet flats: The perfect slip-on and run around shoe, especially for traveling
  3. Colourful ballet flats: To add a pop of colour to any outfit
  4. Dark heels: No higher than 2″, simple, classic heels; one pair is all I need for work
  5. Birkenstocks: Seriously, they are essentials for me and are extremely comfortable


Wardrobe Essentials Accessories by saverspender

You can change your outfit so quickly with just an addition of a well-placed accessory. It even makes me feel different, depending on what I wear.

  1. Bold jewel-toned necklaces: My favourite accessory to change any outfit
  2. Multi-chain necklaces: No colour, adds interest
  3. Dark, edgy rings: Best way to quickly add some edge without being over the top
  4. Delicate nature-inspired necklaces: Leaves and flowers!! I really like Michael Michaud’s work
  5. Minimalist, Bold Watch: Something in leather, one watch, not fussy or in metal
  6. Red Bag: Any red bag. Just a deep, beautiful red
  7. Longchamp Pliage Bag: I feel that this specific bag is the most versatile in my bag-robe; v. light
  8. Belts of all kinds: Obi is my favourite kind, but I like them all!

So how to put it all together?

I just wake up, pick one piece I REALLY want to wear that day, and build something on the fly around it.

It also depends on how much time BF gives me to get ready before giving me notice that we’re going out to do something. 🙂

Some of my favourite combinations as of late that I am thinking for Autumn:


This is a very simple outfit. I just change the top and things look different.

Autumn Casual by saverspender


Casual meets Audrey Hepburn meets classic neutrals is what I was going for.

Autumn Casual by saverspender



I’m having a moment with stripes and florals.

Autumn Casual by saverspender

There’s something really pretty about a navy striped top over dresses, skirts, anything just to give it a little edge. Then I throw a red belt around it if I want to.


This is the last outfit that is easy to wear. Boots, skinny jeans, and it can be changed up with scarves or accessories.

Autumn Casual by saverspender
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  1. Kay

    What brand are those brown boots?

  2. The Asian Pear @ Blogspot

    Love these! My essentials look totally different. They’re essentially the same but have a different silhouette/cut for my body shape. I will have to question you on the birkenstocks though. Um. No. Just no. =P

    1. Mochi & Macarons

      They look fairly stylish however. They’re not those clunky clogs, but the ones with straps, and they look good under pants!

  3. SWR

    Where did you find the olive green and oatmeal(?) blouses with the ties at the waist? I like the style tons, but can never seem to find them anywhere

    1. Mochi & Macarons


      They’re sold out. They were the Facile Camp Shirts from way back when.
      They still have similar styles by the brand (Odille) there, but in different colours. 🙂

  4. Aloysa @My Broken Coin

    Dresses are my weakness as well. A-shape doesn’t look good on me though. I love this read bag. In fact, I am thinking to keep this post as my guide to a minimalistic wardrobe that I dream of having one day. 🙂

    1. Mochi & Macarons

      I’m trying to live it now. I’ve been cut back to one suitcase of clothes, shoes AND jewellery. I’m about to freak. 🙂

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