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Poshmark Canada: How to BUY and SHOP (Sign up with code SHERRYISH for $15!)

Shopping online can be daunting but shopping online for secondhand clothes via real-life sellers and not retailers can seem even more of a hassle.

Here are a few tricks on how to shop on Poshmark and make the most of it while finding deals.

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Also, when you first sign up they will give you an AMAZING shipping deal for the first 24 hours you’re never likely to get again.

Don’t waste it.

Shipping is normally $13 in Canada and I think they give you $5 or somewhere around that which means with your credit, you can buy a $10 item and pay $0.



Firstly, the flag shows you that you are in the Canadian market. For now, you cannot cross-shop between the U.S. and Canada, so make sure you are in the right country.

Secondly, you can also choose what market to shop in – Women, Men, etc…

I like Women and Luxury, but it depends on what you shop for.


If you set your size, anything you search for, will automatically filter out what isn’t your size.

To do this, click on your name, and then under the list, you will see MY SIZE

You can pick up to 3 options per section. You can see my selections.

Sometimes, if the selection is very low without a lot of hits, I remove the sizing option and see all the sizes just to see if anything is there and if I can make that size work.


When you are doing searches, use the filters to narrow it down to a Blazer, or Jeans, and even by colour!

Under the SHOP icon, you can start by searching listings with keywords like: polka dot dress at the top, or clicking on brands you like to shop from:

I tried a keyword search instead with Filters just under it if you want to narrow down the search:

And then you can click on FILTERS at the top, and you can Sort by “Just Shared, High to Low, Low to High“, narrow down the Brand, Category and Colour.


You can always remove the hearts later. For now, browse, take a look, and like what you like.

I also suggest going to single sellers and going through their entire Closet to see if you like anything else because you can Bundle it later to save on shipping.


This is my favourite. Bundling. I love bundling because it SAVES YOU MONEY ON SHIPPING.

It is still ONE fee to ship ($12.99), and this fee applies to EVERYTHING you buy from ONE seller.

That’s why it is best to find a closet you like, and then choose a bunch of things you want from that one seller, and add it to a bundle, then make an offer.

To do this you can do it directly on a search page, where you would normally Like an item, you can also Add it to a Bundle

You can also go into the listing itself with the description and all the detail, and at the end click on Add to Bundle at the bottom:

After you add a bunch of items from the same seller to the bundle, you can then make an offer on the whole lot at the bottom:

If you ever want to see all of your bundles, you can get to it here by clicking on your name then My Bundles:

You will then see all your bundles you have created by each seller, and you can click on View my Bundle to see it, and make an offer:


To make an offer, click on Offer at the end. You can see that the total is $66, you can offer $60 for instance. Some sellers also offer various discounts if you have multiple items in a bundle.

So this is what the offer page would look like, and you just type in a number:

Then, the negotiation begins, and you can offer money, and the seller responds:


Now, for the negotiating part, as a seller and a buyer, I want you to be aware of a few things:

  • Poshmark takes 20% or $3.95 for any sales under $20. Basically if you offer $5 on an item, the seller gets only $1.05 not $5!!!! Please be cognizant of this.
  • When sellers give offers to buyers, they are forced to give a shipping discount of $3 or $12.99 and it comes out of their earnings, so they make even LESS of a profit.

Negotiation is a game. It is a friendly game that wins for both people, so be respectful and don’t lowball sellers.

I would suggest giving an offer, but a decent / reasonable one, not offering $20 for something listed at $80. You know?

That being said, make an offer. If you think they won’t take it, they’ll decline it. Otherwise, what’s the harm in trying?

Just make an offer! Give it a try!

Then, engage in the back and forth.

If you are set on only paying $60 for an item, you can counteroffer back to the seller at $60.

You don’t need to decline it, just counter back with what you are willing to pay so that THEY the seller can decide to then sell it for that price, or decline it.

At least you tried!


1. Know thy size and shape

Depending on what brands you are looking for and shopping for, I highly recommend going into stores in person and trying on sizes.

Try on a range of brands and sizes!!

If you’re a size Small, try on an XS to see the fit and a Medium.

Also keep in mind to try both structured and unstructured pieces.

I find that in blazers that are wool, I need to size up unless the seller says in the listing that it fits large or is stretchy.

Shoulder pads in blazers for instance, make me have to size up again as my shoulders are larger than my body frame (I am an inverted triangle).

For blazers made out of ponte or jersey knits, and without shoulder pads, I can take my own size or size down.

You need to really try on a bunch of pieces and after a while, you’ll see whether a zipper on the side works for you or not, which helps you gauge online what would fit.

2. Take your measurements and ask for them

Knowing you need 18″ for the shoulders and asking sellers to measure for you will help you determine if it will fit or not.

My trick is to take a piece I already own and love, in a similar or close-to style, and measure it. Once I get the numbers down, I compare it to the item online and see if it is a match.

3. Don’t be afraid of sizes bigger than yours

Remember that you can always TAKE IN things!

Sometimes, designer pieces especially say US 10 but end up being more like a US 6. That is how I scored this YSL dress for a literal SONG, because it was listed as a US 10 but fit like a US 6. It is only slightly looser on my body, and I belt it if I want to:

The only part that is very expensive to tailor is the shoulders. MAKE SURE THE SHOULDERS FIT.

This is very easy if you have no shoulders (e.g. sleeveless) or if they are stretchy ponte/jersey knits.

All the rest? Waist, hem, you can fix all of that easily. You may even be able to do it at home with a few stitches or some hemming tape.

Any questions?

Use code SHERRYISH for a free $15 credit to get started!

(Limited time offer. Not sure when they’ll get rid of this.)

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