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Packing tips for Warm Weather travel by Wendy’s Lookbook

I love packing videos, so when I see a well done, beautiful video created by Wendy’s Lookbook, I can’t help but want to share it with everyone. She lays out some great tips if you:

  • are really into fashion (especially high end fashion)
  • like to check in your bags when you travel
  • like to pack a lot of different choices in clothing

I like the idea of keeping blazers structured by putting the arms into each other. I never thought about doing that, hence why I wear blazers on the plane if I bring one. Otherwise, when I pack to move, I tend to put them on hangers in a coat bag. I personally do not pack like this. I am someone who refuses to check in her bag when she travels, for 2 main reasons:

  1. I don’t want to lose anything — happens more often than you think
  2. I don’t want to wait at the luggage carousel

I also roll my items, and everything I wear to travel is pretty much wrinkle-free for convenience.


  • Mochi & Macarons

    Oh dear. I’m sorry to hear that!

    Maybe it only works on not-structured/not-padded blazers?

    I always wear mine on the plane if I wear one, and fold it carefully and/or hang it on the back of the seat.

  • Below Her Means

    Adorable video. I live in American Apparel nylon leggings and tunics and never check luggage. It works perfectly.

  • The Asian Pear @ Blogspot

    Good tips although I feel the shoe boxes are quite bulky. I love the idea for the jacket though.

  • fabulously frugirl

    I don’t think my stuff is nice enough to warrant such intricate packing techniques ;-), but this was a very well made video. I like the tip about pulling the sleeves of the jacket, thought, and also I really liked her jewelery case. And like you, I don’t like checking my bags if I don’t have to. It makes traveling so much faster!

  • Lawyerwannabe

    Great tips for long flights, but for us europeans with budget airlines that have size/weight restrictions, this would not work! One shoe box would fill up my suitcase! I do like the blazer tip though!!

  • MelD

    Nicely made and great music!
    Her case is enormous and she is tiny… no wonder so much fits in there ;o
    My husband takes carry on and complains that his shoes are so big that one pair takes up half the case…

    It would take me a loooooong holiday to wear that much!!

  • Bridget

    Genius! … I need a bigger suitcase though, mine is way smaller than hers!

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