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Were you ever given a piece of clothing or jewellery that especially touched you?

Yes… in fact.

My mother spent 6 months upon my high school graduation, making me a gorgeous, beaded necklace that had my initials in it, the date I graduated and in a design that I picked.

She beaded it by hand, and then presented it to me wrapped in tissue paper. I still have it, and I don’t wear it, but I have it tucked away in their house (I have yet to go back home to pick it up so I can display it).

The second item for clothing was a gorgeous dress my godmother gifted to me from her closet when I was a little girl.

Pure silk, in the deepest of colours and flowers. I couldn’t wear it then and still can’t wear it now (it’s too small but maybe it is okay now), but I have it, and I would like to cherish it forever.

You just can’t find that kind of beadwork and quality these days.

What about you?

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