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What is your favourite wardrobe piece of clothing or jewelry that you own?

My ONE favourite piece?

Not in each category?

Oh dear.

Umm… okay. So. Uhh… it’s like asking me to pick a favourite child; that is to say, if I had thousands.

The clothing piece I wear the most often:

These AG Farrah High-Rise Jeans, hands down:

These jeans are just so versatile. I of course also consider my Citizens of Humanity Skinny jeans right up there as being perfect.

Honourable clothing mentions:

This killer Aritzia cobalt blue jacket:

The now out of print, map print on this Carven map tank top is stunning:

These leather pants from The Row ALWAYS make me feel like a badass:

And this Velocite shearling jacket makes me so comfortably cosy:

As for my favourite jewelry piece?

Right this very moment? This necklace; a simple hammered copper circle.

Honourable jewellery mentions:

Obviously this Olivia Burton Bee watch and I am SERIOUSLY considering this one:

And these hot pink shoes, which are surprisingly versatile:

This Moroccan-inspired silk scarf:

And this Burberry belt taken off my trench coat has been worn the most out of all the belts in my closet. It is just PERFECTION for belting anything:


The entire series can be found here: Women in Clothes Style & Fashion Survey


  • Tania

    So hard to choose and always changing! My current favs are my Mother jeans ( Looker High Rise Skinny in petite sizing from Anthropologie), a black knit turtleneck poncho with little front placed sleeves-think flying squirrel (Cop Copine brand purchased from Momo boutique in Seattle), everyday dress (Miranda Bennett), Gucci black belt with black hardware (bought used), mini Givenchy Pandora crossbody (also bought used) and my black vela Prada fanny pack. Love that double belt, I’ve had an eye out for one.

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