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Ask Sherry: What have I kept from my closet since my Fabulously Broke in the City days?

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I was reminded of your old blog, Fabulously Broke in the City, two questions:

1: whatever happened to “the Idiot”?

Soo.. The Idiot made more Idiotic Mistakes.

He moved to Europe with his family, and did not sell his house because he was asking for double what he paid ($600K for a $300K house).

He thought it was temporary, but he has now been there for about 5 years or so? It could be permanent.

They have tried to rent out their place with zero success because they are asking $2000 for a place that people will only pay $1500 max for.

They are now covering three mortgages — one in their home country, one here in Canada and one in Europe.

2: do you wear any piece of clothing from your “then” closet? Thanks!

I had to go back in time to this. OMG. 2009 was so long ago.

Here is what I had in my closet (sorry, the pics are tiny):

1. 3-piece Tweed Suit

If I squint well, I can see that I still wear that 3-piece tweed suit I had back when I was in school.

I trot it out when I go to interviews. My last foray with it at my current client, it was OBSCENE how tight it was, but I made it work.

I have since lost a bit more weight so I think I can fit back into it. We’ll see.

2. Vintage-Scarf Patterned Tank

3. Brown Pointed Boots

Although lately I have not worn them. I plan on wearing them tomorrow.

4. Black Jersey Blazer from Dynamite

Bought it for $20. Surprisingly comfortable and well-made. I am wearing it to death but it is starting to show its age..

5. Black & White Patterned Bionic Wrap Dress

…actually most of my wrap dresses are still in my wardrobe, including a purple Girl Friday one.

For jewellery, about 5 pairs of earrings stayed, and the rest were sold in a big closet sell-off.

I still see a long stranded beaded necklace I still wear (wore it today!), and I still have one bangle from the shelf there (this purple beaded one), but the rest have been sold. Wow this brings back memories…

For the purses, I still have the purse with the woman’s face on there, but the rest of the purses were sold or given away from what I can see.

We have similar tastes–sort of classic, French-inspired with a twist/fine details! Can you recommend a new watch for me (silver/rose gold/both) in the <$175 USD range with scratch-proof glass?

I have very specific recommendations. I am sure there are other brands out there but these are the ones I own / covet.

These are French-style super minimalist, classic, gorgeous pieces:

Rosefield – ~$99 / watch but under $150 for sure!

This particular gorgeous mesh rose gold model is the Mercer model.

I have to say the weight of the watch is not heavy, and feels light.

This is either good or bad for you. It is good for me because I don’t mind light watches, but some people associate heavy watches with quality. Up to you.

I also really love the Tribeca with a classic black leather strap

….. The Tribeca is just GORGEOUS in grey and rose gold..


I plan on buying my niece one of the Tribeca watches but I cannot decide on which yet 😉

Daniel Wellington

The classic Sheffield is really nice. The rest are above $175, closer to $200.. You can find it on Bluefly for cheaper right now around $130!

Olivia Burton

I love love LOVE this brand for classic watches that are pretty as the twist. It may not be your thing, but it is mine, so I’ll share my favourites below.

The reason why I love this brand is that the watch strap is very feminine. It is THIN even though the dial / face is huge, which makes it look less imposing on a wrist versus a massive strap that “matches” the dial..

It looks really stylish and elegant.

This is a pretty rose gold floral one for $180… just a smidge over your budget!

It also comes at $140 with a white floral on the face instead of rose gold as well.

I only like certain types of flowers (nothing too sickeningly sweet or floral), so these purple ones are really up my alley but they do have other types like shadow florals and so on, and I love the watercolour style of this Olivia Burton Silver Watercolours mesh watch for $145….

and another similar yet darker purple colourway of Olivia Burton with a marble mix for $150…. that looks like the one above but with marbling.

In a similar vein is this Olivia Burton Rose Gold Poppy watercolour florals watch for $150….and this is the last Olivia Burton Floral one with a butterfly I promise, it’s just so pretty at $125..

I also like abstract watch faces, and this Olivia Burton Abstract Floral one is not floral yet interesting for $120:

Moving on!


For your price range, Fossil is a GREAT brand for classic pieces. I really like their Fossil Tailor Multifunction for $135 that has an interesting textured watch face without being too in your face:

I also like the navy band instead of black with the rose gold.


Their watches are pricey, but I found this one with a very pretty Kate Spade Metro mother of pearl face that is hard to see online but I can imagine is very interesting for $175:

For a bit more whimsy if you really want to go colourful, this Kate Spade Swan watch for $175 caught my eye  and remember if you hate the strap being so bright, you can ALWAYS switch it out for a more neutral one and keep the turquoise watch face:

I also found a few very cute (ON SALE) options.

This cute Kate Spade metro NYC map city watch for $88..

And this Kate Spade city Holland Cityscape building watch for $140:! I think I covered a lot of ground here 😉 I hope you find something!

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