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Style Help: How to easily check for fake or authentic Manolo Blahnik Heels

I buy Manolo Blahnik heels almost exclusively, and only used because I am not willing to pay $600 USD for a pair….. yet. I have 4 pairs right now, all used, well taken care of and I love them.

What I have noticed about buying Manolo Blahnik heels either at consignment shops or online, is that fakes are not as prevalent but they do exist!

Here are two easy ways to check whether or not your Manolo Blahnik finds are authentic or not.

This is a pair I bought off eBay and had to file a return and complaint because it was far too obvious it was a fake


I think it’s pretty clear once you see this:


  • The label has been razored in (you can tell they used a sharp razor to cut out a space)
  • You can clearly see the glue used to glue in the label!!
  • The authentic pair is properly sewn in in neat little stitches
  • It is obvious the label is a fake as well, the font is different, and it is too large with too much white space



Here is something less discernible in a real pair:

  • The stamp on the real pair is vertical alongside the arch of the shoe, near the words with the size (37) and (Made in Italy)
  • The stamp on the fake pair, is horizontal across the top near the tip of the toe
  • The fonts are not even close to being the same


I am a true 37 in Manolo Blahniks and these ones fit like a 36.5 at best. They were tight, the leather didn’t curve up well around my foot and in general, I didn’t feel steady in them, even though I am very used to wearing up to 3.5″ heels in Manolo Blahniks.

Once I put them on, I knew.

Then I checked the labels and it was obvious.


  • AE

    Hi! May I know which year you bought your manolos? Because I just bought mine secondhand and it has the exact logo like the ones you have (with the trademark R after the letter K). But the ones I’ve seen in stores nowadays uses just plain block letters with no trademark R. Thank you!

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      I got them years ago in a secondhand vintage shop. The feel is exactly the same as today’s Manolos. The thing to remember is that logos were not really standardized until recently, and you may end up with a vintage pair or something older that does not have the same modern logo as today. Plus logos change.

  • Syl tang

    Just so you know, this isn’t correct. I have Manolos purchased from the boutique and Barneys back in the day, 90s and on, including the original Camparis, and the etching on the sole is in the front horizontal not on the arch and the labels are glued in, not inset. The ones you say are real just came later. I was a fashion journalist for the FT for two decades so I even have a pair from a runway partnership he did for Carolina Herrera that he gifted me, which feature the old label and his name on the sole in the front going across. Many earlier styles such as Serenila, a black and white satin shoes, are the old way. His “one of my favorites” collection including styles like Brazil NY feature a glued signed label in his handwriting, the old way. You are welcome to look me up so you know what I’m saying is accurate. Syl Tang

    • Clarissa Potter

      I too have a very rare pair of pink suede kitten heel pumps I bought from Barney’s in the early 1990s (so I am 100% confident they are real). The insole tag is inserted in two slits and sewn only on two short edges, and the soles have no trade mark, just size, made in Italy, “Lavorazione Artigiana” and “Vero Cucio”. Since I bought them on sale, I suspect they never came with the dust bags.

  • Shelley

    Hi, Isn’t there supposed to be a trade mark R , just after the k in blahnik, on the white material on the inner sole ?

  • Adrienne

    Has Manolo ever used a blue threading in the inlined logo for “MANOLO” and then back to black threading for “BLAHNIK”?

    AS EXAMPLE: i bought a pair like these on poshmark…and feels funny wearing them…not sure..and i looked online for others and this is another pair with the blue threading in half of the logo ….

  • Adrienne

    Has Manolo ever used a blue threading in the inlined logo for “MANOLO” and then back to black threading for “BLAHNIK”?

  • Moise Andreea

    You should have posted a photo of the shoes. This type of lable was used by Blahnik in the 80s and early 90s so you could have a vintage pair.

  • Carolyn Cannoy

    Hi, I have a pair bought from Nordstrom and the stamp on the bottom isn’t vertical. It’s horizontal. I believe it depends on batch, time period, and factory. I also have a pair from a Neiman’s sample sale with the tag not stitched and a logo like the horizontal one, so I’m not sure about this post (no offense).

  • Victoria

    arent real manolo blahnik have “made in italy” stamp on the outsole? unless they’re espadrilles?

  • Karen

    What about boots? I bought a pair on eBay… All proper identification lines up with the exception of the sewn in label. It is sewn, beautifully I might add, on the outer insole leather. Are there exceptions to the rule?

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      Could be. I’ve never purchased MB boots other than the heeled ones all in leather, and those have tags sewn on the inside.

      If you are able to get to a store to look at similar lineup of boots (winter I assume?) you can see whether or not they match your pair.

      Although if they are well made, and perfectly, meticulously sewn, along with the tag, it is a good chance they are fine.

  • Kristi Belcamino

    Couldn’t you see these details on ebay?

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      No. The pictures were taken far (yet close) enough away from the heels that the tag wasn’t clearly visible with the cuts. In hindsight I should have asked for detailed shots but was going on good faith.

  • nurse in Ohio

    Thank you for the tips. I have a question about style and jewelry. In reviewing old posts, it appears your jewelry collection has changed, e.g., no more thin necklaces, etc. Have you culled your collection, and if so, how did you go about it? I also notice you tend to like bolder styles but also more organic, naturalistic styles. I am trying to figure out my own style and I tend to like many of the same pieces as you, even some of the same designers, but I have a hard time reconciling them into one coherent style because they are so different. I wear pretty classic clothing but when I look at my jewelry it seems my style is all over the place- please help!

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      You know that is such a great question I’ll make it a post.

      The short answer is I have culled some items but not really. I’m embracing diversity but trying not to buy on repeat the same pieces (I like the same ones)

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