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What freebies or discounts you can score on your birthday in Canada

I don’t eat or drink at fast food places, to be frank with you, so getting a free pizza, or a dessert at some chain restaurant is something I am not interested in.

I couldn’t really find a Fashionista / Shopping Freebie / Discount Guide, so I decided to make one that I would have liked to have seen.

Slim picking but FREE IS FREE or a discount is a great discount when it happens to be your birthday. Clothing

One 30% off coupon on a regular priced item if you download and sign up for their Dynamite App. It takes 24 hours to appear, but if you show your ID, the cashier may take pity on you with your birthday and give you the discount without the offer.

What to buy at Dynamite? Well, I found their coats / blazers to be not that shabby. They looked pretty good for the price, but who knows after a few wears or washes?

I also really liked their tops such as their tanks with cute details like ties or covered buttons, and in neutral stripes or solids. Their jeans are a miss for me, and their pants were nice, but only the paperbag waist ones from what I could see.



You get a birthday discount (no one knows how much it is), and you MUST sign up for their AnthroPerks account at least 30 days before your actual birthday.

What I tend to like at Anthropologie are hits and misses. Their consistent hits for me are jewellery and a few tops here and there, but it really depends. As of late, I haven’t found anything I liked a lot.



You need to be a Beauty Insider, and around your birthday you’ll get a Sample Set worth 250 points or 250 points!



Free beverage or treat. It used to be AROUND your birthday that you could go in for something but now they’re making you come in on your ACTUAL birthday. I find this really annoying because if I don’t have time, I forget and I lose this perk? WTF.

David’s Tea

Free cup of tea brewed on your birthday. I really don’t like the way they brew the tea there, and they have no milk to add to said tea.. so I feel a bit let down.

Still. FREE. I would suggest the Coconut or Maple Oolongs. They’re kind of my thing these days.

Baskin Robbins

Free Ice Cream Scoop! Now that’s what I’m talking about. I am boring and like Strawberry or any form of Strawberry the best.

Booster Juice

Free Smoothie! YAY! It is even a little healthy so that’s a plus.

What are some retailer birthday perks / freebies that you know of? (AND ACTUALLY USE.)


  • Su

    My birthday happens to be this week and I made use of Starbucks Rewards(free drink), sweet tomatoes (20% off a meal per party or one free meal) and jamba juice free drink. I also plan to use $30 off a purchase at Ikea(minimum $50 purchase). Last year I got $30 off theRealReal . There are several that didnt interest me(World Market and 20% off a hotel on a travel website ).

  • s

    US freebies are slightly different than you guys’ up in canada – bare minerals gave me a free lipstick on my birthday last year. i think urban decay also has a freebie with purchase (it was their highlighter in sin last year). dunkin donuts gives you a free medium sized beverage on your birthday. the best one was $10 at ulta! i signed up for a TON of rewards programs with different companies so each year on my birthday month, i get tons of free stuff – LOL.

  • Alice

    I like getting an Ulta free sample too. Soupplantation gives you a coupon for a free meal, and you have about 2 weeks to use it.

  • Financial Orchid

    Sign up as member on red Robins for free burger on b’day. Can be lettuce wrapped instead of bun

    Free Denny’s breakfast. Must buy a drink.

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