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The Hoarding Mentality of a Minimalist who is also trying to save a bit of money

I am a minimalist in a good part of my life (not my closet, don’t look there please), but there are still some parts where I feel like I fail desperately at this.

I keep things I shouldn’t bother keeping long after they have outlived their usefulness only because I grew up with a bit of a Depression-like mentality from my family members.

Case in point, here are all the things I am hoarding that I am not sure I should keep any more.

What say you?


I have only worn one Halloween costume as an adult, and it is (if I may say so) brilliant. I made it myself, spent time hotgluing on the pieces, and won First Place when I wore it to the one event I went to.

But, will I ever have another Halloween event again?

I feel like I SHOULD keep it because I spent so much time on it, it is still magnificent and will still be witty and relevant long after Halloween outgrows me, and yet, I think: Will I ever go to another Halloween Thing again?

Maybe everyone SHOULD have at least one spare, quick-to-grab Halloween costume in their closet to use and have just in case….

I don’t want to do another costume again, really.


Call it the old eBay’ing proprietress in me, but I keep ALL old packaging that is good and clean. Solid cardboard, printed papers, little fancy ribbons.. I keep it all, and when I sell things or ship things out, I use them up and am pleased that it looks so cute.

But… this is starting to get out of hand.

I have so many little boxes, papers, bubble mailers….

I feel like I need to cull down on this in my closet, or move it to another part of the house where this stuff is MEANT to be, not nestled amongst my clothes taking up space.

It is just so useful though.


I feel like everything can be sold.

I have a box of old shoes and sandals (some designer stuff like Manolo Blahnik), as well as clothes, leather jackets, etc.. that I have not gotten around to posting on eBay yet because I am BUSY..

I guess I should make it a point maybe in the Spring to take all of this, drive it down to a consignment shop and let it go. ASAP.

I have to remember to make an appointment and to do this seasonally because they won’t take winter jackets in summer, nor summer dresses in winter….

What about you?


  • SarahN

    When I moved out from living with the BF, I gave myself permission to send to recycling all the packaging I’d been keeping, including the plastic containers from food that you can reuse. I just didn’t see the sense in moving houses with it, when it naturally get kept as it comes in.

    I’m much better with letting clothing go, over trying to sell it. It just sits for so long online, I can’t be bothered… Books – they’re something I don’t tend to buy but if a book is ‘owned’ by me, I am quick to consider who might next wanna read it, to get it out of my house. I have ‘for keeps’ about 30 books or so…

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