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How to organize and tame those cables and cords

Taming cords and cables is not an easy thing to do particularly if you have a lot of them like we do.

I have tried everything from cardboard tubes to bags to zips and the very best way I have found to wrangle cords requires three items:

  1. Velcro cords (GreenBrightly coloured or Pretty Pastels)
  2. Cord tacos
  3. A basket or a bag


Both cord wranglers serve different purposes.

The Velcro cords are only for the laptop chargers because we all know how crappy Apple makes them for storage (really? That little hook is going to hold everything in place?).

I also like the Velcro cords for holding the On/Off button down on my Dyson Animal Cord-Free vacuum because they did not think of a switch instead of a push grip to keep the vacuum on.

The cord tacos are for everything else.

They work best for headphones or thinner cords but once you start getting into larger, thicker cords, you’ll need bigger cord tacos to wrangle them.

The cord tacos are also great for keeping measuring tape contained, pieces of ribbon or string, or anything that you generally need to roll up or fold to keep neat.

The cord tacos keep everything neat and easy to reach for, and it has cut down on the mess and tangled web of cords that used to plague my cables & cords basket.

Lastly, the basket or the bag is a good way to keep those cords contained in one easily transportable and accessible package.

You can see my entire setup here:

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