Save. Spend. Splurge.

Minimalism is a mindset

Minimalism is not about being neat and orderly, nor is it about depriving yourself.

It is much easier to be organized if you are a minimalist because you have less to organize, but minimalism at its core is really a mindset.

You have to accept and want to actually ‘live with less’ and to avoid bringing in more items once the old things are out.

The key word to minimalism is: STOP.

It took me a while to get to that, but STOP neatly covers most of the aspects required in minimalism.

STOP bringing home more stuff.

STOP thinking about things as throwaway or disposable.

STOP hoarding.

STOP getting emotionally attached; they’re just things, not people.

STOP trying to organize clutter because clutter just means there’s just too much stuff.

Minimalism is a mindset and it has to be something ingrained in your thinking each time you buy something, discard something or take action.

It doesn’t just apply to things, it also applies to your life events & the way you look at living your life such as saying “No” to more work that you can’t handle, or saying “No” to events to pack into an already-crammed weekend is all part of being a minimalist.


Minimalism is a mindset about living with less.

Less clutter.

Less stress.

Less commitments.

Less (unnecessary) work.

..which all adds up to more physical and mental freedom, time and the ability to breathe, relax and finally enjoy life in your own version of its perfect balance.


  • James

    Great article, I know for a fact that as soon as you start to think about it, it sticks! 21 days to create a habit, if you manage this you can really call it a mind set 🙂 if you have time have a look at my blog my first post is on a similar subject!

  • Tania

    Yes, Deep bow. I used to spend time organizing, now getting rid of items not being used automatically makes me feel more organized. Instead of buying containers, I am now removing empty containers from my home (as all the items formerly stored within have also made their exit).

    I’ve also stopped saying “I should” out of obligation.

  • Erika B.

    I love this! It’s totally a mindset. The lifestyle is very freeing.

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