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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Where an ex-sugar baby recounts what it was like to earn $100K in 3 years

Camila Cabello is a fantastic singer, sweet, with a great personality and sense of humour. She reminds me EXACTLY of one of my friends from b-school, whom I miss dearly. She even looks like her, except my friend is Indian so her skin is more mocha. 😉

Shut up and take my money. Long, envious eyelashes like Baby Bun? I AM ALL OVER THIS. I bought this product based on Adina’s proven results & review.

Baby Bun is now obsessed with this book City Lullaby.

An ex-sugar baby recounts her $100,000 earnings over 3 years for sex. It is a good read and a good PF lesson to anyone — when you get $25,000, SAVE IT and don’t spend money like there’s no tomorrow. One day, the money could stop flowing in. I’m not surprised most guys are married. Can you imagine being married to one guy and finding out his secret later?

This Homeward Bound travel ring speaks to my wanderlust.

“You need to calm down”, was what I have been told when CALMLY asserting my views on something. This and all the other workplace sexism stories that could fill a book. My worst one lately? “Your necklace looks like a chain, maybe you just like wearing collars around your neck.” Awk-ward!!!!! I have perfected the hard “I am not amused” stare and it works perfectly.

If I didn’t have these massive inverted triangle shoulders, I’d be all over things like this gorgeous, sunshine-coloured cross-back halter top dress, or this gorgeously printed, bright, stunning halter dress.

I LOL’d so hard at this story about explaining Google.

Oh.. cobalt blue… my kryptonite colour and in a silk shirt! I’d absolutely wear this. Have to hold in the spending though.

If I shelled out $40,000 and this happened at my wedding, there would be hell to pay and I would be mad AF. Although revenge is a dish best served cold. I’d scheme of a way to upstage them, even if it was with fake news of having triplets or having won the lottery. WHO THE HELL DOES THAT AT A WEDDING?!?

This looks so much like my favourite tank top in a blue pinstripe, and this one in white.

This is some good and simple advice to take once in a while for all of us.

I tried on this blouse in person with a tie at the bottom and it was so easy, breezy and wonderful. Steel resolve against shopping. Shut it down.

This child is simply amazing – hardworking and such a music lover. What a child. I’d love to raise Baby Bun to be just like him.

We got this children’s bag as a hand-me-down from a family member and Baby Bun loves it to death. He asks for it each time we go out.

Vivienne Westwood says don’t buy anything. Trust me Viv, I’m trying. It is just so hard when you feel like nothing fits your new hips and bum any more and it will take another 3-6 months (maybe?) to shed that extra inch or so.

So this is quite apparently the highest SPF you will ever find in a compact. I do like the coverage and so on, but I wish I had more SPF in the compact or at least knew what it was.


I.. somehow won an award online without trying. I guess blogging is enough to try but 😉

What’s my award? THIS ONE, Y’ALL.

One of the Best Minimalist Living Blog of the year. I’m right up there with my former compatriots (I used to run an actual Minimalist blog which I sold a few years back).


  • liteadventurer

    Congratulations on the award! Well deserved.

  • Anne

    Personally, I’ve never experienced sexism at work, but I understand that it is very common. What I always wonder while reading these stories is how come no one ever documents the situations. Mobile cameras are everywhere nowadays.
    If women are regularly interrupted and their ideas stolen by men in meetings, why not suggest filming the meetings and then watching them afterwards to improve the meeting culture of the workplace? Or if you get a sexist comment, you could start filming with your mobile phone and ask the person to repeat what he just said. That should make him realise how stupid he was acting.
    But maybe women who experience sexism already tried everything and it did not work. In that case, I’d like to know what happened.

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      That’s a great idea. I just wonder if they think: Well she should have said something.

      They should have sessions where guys get themselves SECRETLY filmed in meetings and then coached.

      • Anne

        Secretly filming might be very effective in the beginning. Where I live, the law forbids it, though.
        But I think that even if the filming happens openly, just the knowledge of the camera being there would have a positive effect. Like speeding cameras and signs that warn about them. Most men do realise what is sexist behaviour and that it is bad. They just may not realise that they themselves act like that, unless forced to actively think about it and see the evidence.

        • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

          Ah! Good point. Sort of a “they’re watching me, I have to be on my best behaviour”…?

          • Anne

            Yes and no. For the guys who really are scumbags, being filmed is just a temporary hinder, they’ll start acting like idiots as soon as they think no one who has power is seeing them. For the majority of guys, it might start like that, but after a while, being forced to see the male behaviour from another angle, it really could have permanent effect. Being in a privileged position, it is difficult to understand how the life of a less privileged person looks and feels like. One can act badly unintentionally, without ever realising it.

            • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

              I remember reading an article a long time back where they put in rules for guys for clothing or something, and all the guys rebelled saying: WHAT? That’s ridiculous…. then the women just tapped them on the shoulder and said: We’ve been living like that with those rules for a long time now.

              You’re absolutely right that if guys were put in the position of being disadvantaged, things would change a lot quicker. As it doesn’t affect them, out of sight out of mind.

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