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Ask Sherry: What to wear while breastfeeding

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I dearly wish I could answer this from experience, having had a hell of a time with my lazy latcher, and having wasted PLENTY of nights and tears on this particular subject (read all about it here), but I did try very hard many times and I think that gives me SOME experience.

In short:

  • Anything in jersey
  • Anything in a scoop neck works best
  • Anything slightly lowercut
  • Anything without sleeves (like a tank top)
  • Anything that is easy to pull down from the neck or remove one side completely, and wrap underneath your boob

You do not need special nursing tanks (yes I bought them in excited anticipation which deflated when I had Baby Bun), but you do need nursing bras if you plan on wearing a bra, as well as a nursing pad to soak up excess milk that will seep out when you’re not feeding (oh I had such grand plants!).

The best things I have found were: Jersey tank tops and/or jersey dresses hands down, either maxi or midi, in a looser fit / cut, and I would just whip down the top strap and try to get my lazy baby to feed.

You can find plenty of options for cheap either in secondhand / thrift stores, or there are tons of options everywhere like here in a tank top option (basic), here in a pretty wrap stripe dress and here that is maternity specific for starters.


Anything that is a jersey that won’t stretch out, will wash easily, not stain permanently, and has a lowercut in front (scoop), works just fine. I see plenty of women rocking this when they feed and they do great.

Another option would be a very loose t-shirt with a low scoop in front, I just dropped one shoulder (the shirt was old and had well stretched out), and attempted to feed him.

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  • GYM

    Just read your thoughts of being a new mom post. So great! Same exact thoughts, worrying that I’m not stimulating his mind enough during the day, not getting anything done during the day, and WTF do my nipples look like that. Haha. Actually today I was taking the membrane off pork ribs while having him in the Baby Bjorn fussing while simultaneously doing squats to try and calm him down. Thankfully it was with a butter knife otherwise I probably would have cut myself. I’ve only tried BF out of my home twice (once in the tinted back seat of our car) so that’s helpful to know what to wear, I was lifting my shirt up on one side and then feeling exposed but realized I can pull it down with the shawl/cover thing.

  • Alexis

    Thanks Sherry! I bought the tank top from Old Navy

  • Mrs. Adventure Rich

    I saved a lot of money by not purchasing “maternity wear”. In addition to low cut/jersey tops, I found simple button downs to help as well when I was out and about. It was another “easy access” way to feed the kiddo on the fly!

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