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A Day in the Life of Sherry @ Save. Spend. Splurge.

So I can never remember to cobble together an entire, full day with photos from Instagram, but I can at least give you a semblance of what an every day looks like for me.

Monday to Friday, looks pretty much like this, just with different outfits. 😉

4 a.m.

Baby Bun wakes up squealing and inconsolable.

He does not want to go back to sleep no matter how much I am patting his butt & furiously hoping he will go back to sleep.

I stumble around and get a 10 oz. bottle for him.

Afterwards… I basically change Baby Bun’s diaper, change him for daycare, play with him, and get ready.

Usually, Baby Bun also has to be entertained to stay quiet & not get so squealy, and it normally involves something along the lines of this as well (click to watch the video below):

6:00 a.m.

I get ready and one of my most recent outfits that I love looks like this:

…then I head to Starbucks for some much needed matcha green tea:

..and a little treat:

8:30 a.m.

I am thinking these flats need to be retired. They’re getting dirty, old, torn up… but this also means I GET TO GO SHOPPING!!! <3

Back to reality because work starts.


12 noon

Then I head out for some lunch and took this pizza. I love coriander on pizza.

Then it’s back to work until 4:30 p.m.

It is also getting cold so I have been slathering on this hand cream like crazy to keep my skin from getting cracked and chapped:

4:30 p.m.

FREEDOM!!!! I have to go pick up Baby Bun from daycare soon, but first I go home and do a little face mask to calm down and hydrate my skin:

Then I change into something more comfortable:

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I think these flats need to be retired too. They’re getting VERY. OLD.

I pick up Baby Bun and then we go to the park (sometimes) before going back in.

We should enjoy our time outside before winter hits. Speaking of winter, I’d love to start wearing jackets like this again:

I also downsized my wallet to something more minimalist so that I can start carrying LESS around.

Afterwards, Baby Bun is at home, fed and with his diaper changed.

Then I try on all these things I bought for him to make sure they fit:

After Baby Bun is fed, we head out to the wine store to pick up some wine I ordered for my partner:

And put it in this bag to carry it home:

I put one on the counter for my partner as a thank you for helping me out with my car.

After that, Baby Bun gets bundled up again and we head out to pick up the mail. I decide to put on my suede booties this time. Great for toddler chasing.

Baby Bun gets herded back into the home and we get ready for bed:

We all go to sleep at the same time, so when Baby Bun is tired, so are we and vice versa.

Good night!


  • Corianne

    I love peeks into someone’s life, especially the super specific ones 🙂

    Sounds exhausting, but that’s children!

  • MauiShopGirl

    I really enjoyed the peek into a day in the life of…

    I’ve also been downsizing the amount I lug around each day to a degenerative disc in my neck. After physical therapy, weekly private pilates sessions, sitting properly and reducing the weight I carry, I have no pain. And I’d like it to stay that way.

    I switched to a Commes Des Garcons small zip wallet, I love that it has a big easy access coin pouch. Selling off my larger heavy with lots of hardware bags. I am keeping just a few totes for those days I need to carry files/laptop or for travel (definitely not every day bags for my lifestyle). Even when carrying a larger tote, I also bring a small (mini) purse to carry to lunch, etc so I don’t have to lug the tote everywhere. My most used purse now is the longchamp mini le pliage but it doesn’t fit over the shoulder (so not as convenient with a winter coat, although I have used it recently in winter weather). There is one size bigger that can fit over the shoulder, I got that one for my sister who also has back issues. You have baby bun of course so can’t do just a small bag of course 🙂 For me, I’m typically toting the wallet, an iPhone, vitamin E stick and lipstick, that’s it. Sometimes a kindle, which does fit in the le pliage.

    • save. spend. splurge.

      YAY! 🙂

      I am loving my smaller wallet. I gotta say, I am glad I downsized from a large zip wallet. It forces me to only keep what is important.

      I also really wanted the Alexander Wang Rocco bags but everyone says they’re SO HEAVY because of the studs, so I said: Forget it.

      No more heavy bags. I stuff them full as is.

  • icecapades

    Love this! Thank you for sharing. Agreed with what you said about parents needing to take care of themselves too. When the parent is happy, energized and refreshed…then they can better take care of the little ones.

  • Lisa

    Perfect work life balance!

  • Cassie

    That’s quite the early start to the day! I think I second Sarah, I’d be exhausted. That pizza looks amazing though, and I love that you get some me time in before picking baby bun up from day care.

  • SarahN

    I’m surprised by all the ins and outs with Baby Bun. That’d exhaust me!

    • save. spend. splurge.

      It does exhaust me. I am trying my best to not indulge or spoil him (I don’t think I’m doing that), but .. they do have basic, unable to articulate needs which he articulates by squealing.

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