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Do you ever wish you were a man or could dress like a man or had a man’s body? Was there ever a time in the past?

In the past I think at one small fleeting moment I wished I was a boy because life seemed easier for them in high school. I felt like girls had a lot of pressure to look pretty, be smart but not TOO smart because that’s a turnoff, and have to compete with other girls for the attention of boys as a way to determine who was the most beloved or popular. I also felt like girls had to advance their sexuality and do things they were unsure about just to be cool. Or to smoke, do drugs, be perfect and all that nonsense to fit in, more so than boys.

It was exhausting to think about the whole process and I (LUCKILY) opted out of it completely, turning into a blob with no sexuality on display whatsoever (think: never wore a skirt past the age of 10 until I turned 19), and embracing my bookish, asexual persona of being undesirable and unpopular (both of which are not unfair labels as they were quite true) because I refused to be “cool” as I suspected I would never ever reach those echelons with what nature gave me.

I was lucky to at least have friends and I wasn’t a complete loner but also a little jealous of them as they were (in my head) much more successful at this high school life than I was – having boyfriends and so on – and I was just struggling inside to reconcile who I even was let alone think someone could find me a kindred spirit and interesting enough to deign to bestow a date upon.

(NONE OF WHICH I THINK NOW. Just to be clear. I used to think that as an insecure teenager. I have a very VERY healthy self-confidence & self-assurance now.)

Gotta have it to wear leather leggings right!?

Now, I know that boys (and everyone I thought had it together without issues) have their own awkward moments and problems from listening to the Mortified podcast, and seeing my own young family members mature and grow up.

For instance, I would never ever want to have body parts in nether regions I couldn’t uh.. control… if I happened to be surging with prepubescent hormones and my body reacted without my consent or will.

Today? I do NOT want a man’s body or their life.

Maybe if I lived in a conservative place where women were under even more pressure and scrutiny, I’d want to be a man to escape my life and duties as a girl/woman, but in Canada, in this day and age as exactly who I am, I wouldn’t trade it for anyone else’s spot or body.

Why? Because I know what my problems are.

I’m familiar with them and can handle them confidently enough.

If I took on someone else’s body and life, I’d be opening a new can of worms and unable to deal with those problems as I would have ZERO experience in doing so.

Plus, the outfits for women are cuter and more varied. Sorry.

We can wear anything we want and look great. Men have to stick to pants or shorts and shirts. YAWN.

So No.


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