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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Girls with working mothers get better jobs and pay

Working mothers set a real role model for little girls. My mom was a working mom her whole life, she had to leave me at 1-month old at home with my grandmother and go back to work (maternity policies in those times were really antiquated). As a result, I saw her hustling and I know I can do the same. She is STILL working and not taking retirement, even though she could because she loves her job and independence so much.

I bought these tan/brown UGG Viki Boots and they are completely everything I have been hoping for in a winter boot. A vibram sole, great supportive insole, CUTE look (not ugly), kind of a moon boot style, and the laces are so easy to do up – easy to slip on and tighten. They are also pure shearling inside (from Australia), made in Vietnam, and I tested them in 10.4F weather (-12 degrees C), and they kept my toes SO toasty warm. <3 I love them in the steel/metal grey style (which I love) as well as, black and another kind of brown.

Why aren’t more women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) careers? Studies show that boys and girls have the same aptitude. For me, it is social. When you don’t see yourself represented in those industries as a woman, a minority, whatever, you don’t think it is an option or that it will be a hard wall to climb. Thoughts?

I picked up the Cat in the Hat Learning Library bookset because they are full of colour, they rhyme and Little Bun enjoys book sets. He’s a nerd. They are easy for him to read too, around the Grade 2 level, and very interesting.

The Global Fertility Crisis is real. Countries have to adapt or fall behind, as the population ages, and aren’t getting replaced at the same rate (better for the environment, as a plus)… but the other half NO ONE talks about, is how underpaid, and under utilized women are in the workforce. Why? Well when you ignore half of your labour force, you lose half of your potential.

WOW. I am actually a huge fan of Banana Republic pumps because for the price tag and the comfort, they are extremely worth it / great value. These Madison 12-hour loafer pumps are chic and yet very menswear inspired. But if you want something simpler, these pumps are classic.

Finland working mothers versus American working mothers. I wholeheartedly agree that daycare costs are CRIPPLING. You have no choice really, but to stay at home because even working, you may not make enough money to pay for daycare for one kid, let alone more than one.

One last one — this forest hunter green blouse from Banana Republic is the perfect mix of boho and work-style chic. Imagine it tucked into a pencil skirt.. perfection!

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