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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.



Finally, some truths about food that need to be said.

I’m so annoyed with dieting and eating trends these days..


Umm.. doesn’t EVERYONE do this when they go clothes shopping?

Or am I the only crazy one who already knew all of this?


Want to live in Paris? Follow Natalie Portman’s example, not Scarlett’s Johansson’s.

You should also learn some French when you’re there and understand these things about French folks.

Learn French not just because they expect you to learn it (also, they’re really shy in speaking English that in their minds is less than perfect), but because it’s a DAMN SHAME to be living 24/7 in France and to NOT learn the language.

It’s like living in the U.S. and refusing to learn English when it’s all around you.

Wouldn’t Scarlett be annoyed (and aren’t you?) with people who don’t speak a single word of English after years of living in the U.S.?

Same rules apply abroad.

If I lived in Paris I’d at least practice the language. Just saying and learning a few words in French won’t kill you.

Also, it’s cute the way Jimmy Fallon tried to buy something in France but they couldn’t understand his accent.

(PSsst.. I’m also quite proud that my French has improved to the point where it is it conversationally fluent. I’m practicing French everyday with Baby Bun by describing things to him in French.

It is not perfect with the silly le / la confusion and the verb conjugations but Baby Bun doesn’t know any better. Yet.)


Otters are quite possibly one of the cutest, smartest animals alive.




Should you buy that item? Use the 45 minute rule.

I do this.

I also go through my wardrobe (my Achilles heel in terms of STUFF) and I pull out everything I haven’t felt the urge to wear in the past year or so.

Then I play a game: Would I rather wear this … or… this..?

And I get rid of anything that I wouldn’t really reach for over something else, and get my wardrobe back down to 50%.


The world, represented by 100 people.

(Click to embiggen)

Thanks to Belle for the link.


An excellent, comprehensive post on how to get rid of a debts collection agent.

Thanks to Anne of UGifter for the link..




This is brilliant.


Love me some Louis C.K.



How to answer questions you really wish you hadn’t been asked.

Hat tip to Jean for the link, who by the way also wrote a fantastic article: Fully Asian and Fully American.


Not that I separate egg yolks from whites that often but this is a good and fast trick to do it.

…and to slice cherry/grape tomatoes safely too:


I sell my brain, so this doesn’t apply to me, this necessary use of credit to build a business, but if I had been told this after signing a loan, I would have seen red and have been totally livid.


Oh. My. God. OH MY GOD.


My goodness this is so sweet…. I dare you not to cry when watching this.




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