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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Where you grab a tank and run down your enemy for revenge

These are some badass women from history. I am LOVING this woman who sold everything, and bought a tank to kill the Nazis who murdered her husband and destroyed her city.

THIS CALENDAR. I have to be successful because I love expensive shit.

Do you have to get married to get out of poverty? This is quite an interesting topic to discuss and think about. For women, is that their only option if they are born poor? To hope they can marry up and get out? Food for thought.

I cannot decide if I love or think this watch is super tacky. I’m leaning towards love, because poppies are one of my all-time favourite flowers.

I did not know this but basically all of my friends have nannies AND full-time daycare. I HAD NO IDEA. So.. where are all the nannies? Show the hidden workers in the background because I’m wondering how the hell normal people work full-time jobs, get it all done at home, travel, and be awesome, and I can barely get my son dressed for preschool and out the door in time for work. :-\

This cream sweater has my name all over it. It’s basically a chic blanket with sleeves.

What happens to the trailing spouse? It hits more wives than husbands for sure, and I am quite happy that we both are lucky enough to be set in our careers that neither of us are really trailing the other. It also helps that my partner is older than me, so he is on a different career track (less ambitious), AND he plans on retiring way sooner than me, so he’ll end up trailing me. Happily.

My black boots are starting to look very old and creased. I may need to replace them. These boots look pretty darn close to what I want.. I’m taking my old ones to the cobbler though, to see what he can do.

Jay-Z opens up about cheating on Beyonce. A fascinating, well-written read.

What do we think about sayings on sweaters like this one¬†or this one?? I sort of love and hate the idea because it seems very trendy … but in a way I’m drawn to it.

Thanks for the link love <3

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  • Livingalmostlarge

    My mom always talks about these famous people having it all. And the nanny articles just backed me up that they all have nannies. She actually had the nerve go say princess mate is a hands on mom. I said no way does she not have a nanny, not to mention, housekeeper, cook, driver. I mean what parents of a 3 month old can waltz out to dinners and galas and other night events with a snap of the finger?

    Trailing spouse for academics is absolutely true without a doubt. Loom at tenure track positions in the sciences see how many professors are women? There isn’t many because of trailing spouse and what they don’t tell you is in your 30s when you are going for tenure so many of us are having children because we didn’t have them during our 20s and graduate school. So we are stuck trying to vie for tenure while having children. Its next to impossible.

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      I want these nannies to be shown front and center. It makes me feel like a terrible mother sometimes that I can’t do it all and work full-time, until I realize my friends all have nannies but never feature them in photos.

      I have someone who ended up getting pregnant near the end of her PhD. That was … hell.

  • GYM

    Thanks again for the mention!

    I can’t believe your friends have nannies and full time day care! That must be pretty expensive.

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