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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.


This is an excellent video and I agree with pretty much everything she is saying.

She makes very logical arguments and a lot of what she said has been what I have experienced as well (e.g. my father refusing to help in the home, which is something I am NOT going to let Baby Bun get away with.)

As for that point about women in STEM jobs, it is partly because women don’t choose those jobs.


There is plastic in your toothpaste. No, seriously. And it’s being embedded in your gums.


5 minutes in a mom’s head is pretty interesting and funny. I can absolutely follow this thought process!


These photos were taken with an iPhone! They’re incredible. Truly incredible. Goes to show it is not the tools that make the picture.



You totally need to read these Spenderella posts by Michelle. They’re fantastic: Net Worth & Emergency Fund.


An excellent post by Broke Girl Rich about death and finances. I’ve never thought about it in-depth (who does?) but all her points are very helpful.

I have a will in place but I should update it.


This is true dramatic artistry; Beyoncelogues – the dramatic readings of Beyonce’s songs. Nina Millin is INCREDIBLE.



Being rich means you also have the pleasure and opportunity to give it away, I particularly love these generous billionaires.


All about French style — a uniform, blending in, and putting in a LOT of effort to look… effortless.

My style is more of a mix between Scandinavian (minimalist, cool and sleek), French (stripes, comfort, easygoing-ness), and American (a little wild colour or print here and there).

I can’t really categorize my style. I just wear what I want to wear, when I feel like wearing it, based on my emotions… which is exactly the problem and the reason why my wardrobe is so varied.

Speaking of style, bloggers make millions now. Of course that is GROSS income, not net, but still!


The evolution of bitchiness — this is very true. I find a lot of girls tend to immediately see each other as rivals instead of allies, especially if boys are involved.

I will say though, that sometimes shorts and skirts are TOO short if I can see your bum… or other .. er.. nether regions. *cough*


These celebrity diets are pretty neat to look at in this kind of art form. Can you guess which celebrity diet is this one?



I love me a good packing post, and this one by Cassie is no exception. She even lists out what she’s bringing in a damn GRID, people!


What an excellent post: When suits become a stumbling block.

H/T to Revanche for theΒ link


Excellent post about learning how to be rich or poor.


Do not watch this at work. You WILL NEED TISSUES.


WHOA. What would you do if this was you?


I really liked these fashion life lessons from Ashe.


  • Cassie

    That first video was fantastic!

    Also, I’m really glad you liked my packing post πŸ™‚

  • SarahN

    The Salt Collective and sexy suits – love it more than you can imagine! Oh how satire is BRILLIANT and I hope it’s taught in conservative religious schools, even if not on these topics!

    Didn’t know there wasn’t a french word for effortless, I like that though! Worry less about le/la. I don’t worry so much! And it eventually just comes to you!? More you read, and see, the more you absorb. Meanwhile, I was thinking this morning, I tell people I’m fluent in French, but what i mean is that I can speak fluently, but gosh darn, don’t ask me to write it down with correct spelling and grammar!!

    Sadly generous billionaires didn’t work πŸ™ But I totally think Sting or anyone can deny their children an inheritance, so long as it’s not a secret! Kids need to plan too!

    Loved the discussion of death and finances, something I consistently think about, which is weird for a 29 yo with no kids right?

    Love the iphone photos!! I just love photography, though have no tickets on myself, and buying fancy pants cameras, so these awards are perfect.

    oh and no children, and still half the five minutes in her head I could relate to!

    • save. spend. splurge.

      HAHAH! Yes I think I can safely say that I speak fluidly / fluently but my writing is atrocious, although I should start practicing to make it better.

      I’m a sucker for fancy cameras but super small portable ones.. like the Sony RX that I am eying currently but don’t need.

  • Mel @ brokeGIRLrich

    LOLOLOL. I LOVE THE SUIT POST. And so true. A suit makes any man 100% hotter.

    Thanks for the link love!

  • Michelle

    Thanks for sharing my Spenderella stories! I need to write the next chapter soon.

  • Kassandra @ More Than Just Money

    My DH swears by the Grids! I had never seen one until I had met my DH. Thanks for sharing the link of the iPhone photography…some amazing shots to be found there!

  • Alicia

    Laci Greene is awesome… I really enjoy her videos. πŸ™‚

  • Midori

    I love Laci Green. I wish there were more role models like her.

    #14) I would do what the comments say. Blood isn’t everything but at the same time… I need to learn to let go of the grudge if I still have it.

  • The Asian Pear


  • Stefanie @ The Broke and Beautiful Life

    I love the girl in that first video. She always has great, valid, and unique points.

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