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The Bare Bones Maternity Wardrobe

If I had to do it all over again, this is what I’d buy as a maternity wardrobe:

2 dark tank tops that are super stretchy

The best ones are from Aritzia, the Bowie Tank for about $35 each.


I bought a white and a grey one, but I should have bought two grey ones or a black one, because wearing white without a bra.. *ahem*

They fit my bump all the way until the end, and were very comfortable.

In lieu of nursing tanks, these worked a lot better especially during the spring and summer, I just pulled down the straps to pump.

In public, I could have easily pulled down a strap and cover with a blanket if Baby Bun fed directly, I didn’t actually need to buy a nursing tank.

That said, a nursing tank (the one I bought for about $50 from Boob Maternity) would have been pretty handy if I was feeding Baby Bun directly because there was a flap to cover his mouth / feeding area.

Still, I barely left the house, so these tank tops were more than sufficient.

2 pairs of stretchy dark maternity leggings

I lived in these things, and got them from Target from Be Maternity for something like $15 each.


I wore them under dresses and loved them. I still preferred wearing the Wolford thigh-high tights instead of the maternity leggings because there was less fabric in general to rub against my belly, but during the winter the leggings kept me and the bump warm.

3 stretchy dresses


I ended up owning 4, and they were all worth it.

I lived in these dresses from Aritzia, that were stretchy and totally comfortable, great for warm or cold temperatures.

That’s it.

To stay warm, I just covered up with a cardigan or a wrap. I didn’t need anything fancy.

With the leggings I could have technically done without the maternity jeans because I just wore the leggings underneath the stretchy dresses with boots.

The maternity jeans were great but I forgot that I had a flat butt and they don’t stay on my body unless they’re super high rise, which is impossible with a huge bump.

For the winter, I had a huge cashmere travel wrap that I wrapped the bump in when it was poking out from under my winter jacket, and that was that.


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