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Packed all my clothes into a single suitcase

I have been living in maternity leggings / clothing, stretchy dresses and tank tops for the past few months and I don’t see that changing, so I packed everything else I am not wearing into a suitcase to prepare for our eventual move.

The first layer as you can see, are my skirts on the left-hand side (first column), then my pants, trousers and denim in the middle and far right-hand side (second and third columns).


The second layer are all my dresses, and peeking out at the top are my tops in the top-section of the suitcase.


I switched clothes into another suitcase, but basically all my tops look like this when packed in the front pockets:


They’re lightweight, so they roll easily and don’t take a lot of room.

My coats, jackets and blazers are put into garment bags (and doubled up) rather than into suitcases.


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