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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Millennials making $100K feel ‘strapped for cash’

Millennials making “only” $100K (LOL) .. feel strapped for cash. Seriously? Are you kidding me right now? You are a single person, with no dependents, and you feel like you can’t make your bills? Real self-care is not manis and pedis, it is getting your financial life in order so you can live the way you want after you’ve crushed your money goals.

I know what the two main issues are:

  • Lifestyle inflation (you think you’re entitled to cabs and Uber any time you don’t want to walk)
  • Lack of money management – you have no idea how to pay yourself first

…and I know this, because I was that girl when I graduated at 23. I didn’t think twice about dropping $500 on clothes while being $60K in student debt. I also had no idea how to manage my money. Want to start somewhere? Start reading here.

I am very tempted to try this CBD milk skin treatment from Paula’s Choice. It is not available on their site, but I have heard so many good things about it for your skin and hair.

Nearly half of all millennials regret their student loans. Shocker. /sarcasm … but as an older millennial, I will say that I do not regret my degree. It got me the first job, and that first experience is so crucial to have them train you as a junior to move on to bigger better things later. Without that first job, that first stepping stone, I am in a dead-end career if in any at all.

Another statement necklace on my wish list is this Stella and Dot Sutton necklace. It is convertible into 5, and I just love the look of it.

Something I never understood other than avocado toast — why are millennials so into planners? I have been organized since I was 7. I have been mapping my schedule and my life since then, and had a few Palm Pilots… but I am not into paper planners. I like electronic where I can make mistakes and fix them.

If your child is remotely interested in planets and outer space, this Sticker Activity Planets book kept Little Bun busy for THREE QUIET, PEACEFUL, AMAZING HOURS. He kept peeling stickers off, and putting them where they should go. I had one of the best nights ever because of this book. Educational AND fun. He wasn’t bored like with other sticker books because it gave him things to put the stickers on!

Lastly, have you been part of a data breach? Check The one most people get screwed on is the Adobe one. I know my email address popped up on there. What they can do is take that same email address and password and try a whole bunch of other sites (banking, all other accounts that have access even Amazon) and see if they can log in as you, and do whatever they want.



  • SarahN

    I’m on $90k salary now. I was someone who used to save a TON, on a salary of $150k. Now, I struggle – but I have had two months of annual health insurance, car insurance and car servicing. So it’s been a bumpy (ie high spend) month or two. I’m hoping this month will be better.

    For context: 2-3 pedicures A YEAR. (yes, international holidays were common on past salaries, and I do have savings in six figures, offsetting my mortgage). I do buy a coffee everyday, but less so meals. I will admit I enjoy eating out… Anyhow, I felt the pinch more than I anticipated.

  • Paula G

    Didn’t Baby Bun wipe out all your electronic life at one time? That’s why I use paper. Even though I am a boomer and not a millennial.

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      HE DID That little animal .. but I cannot do paper because I make too make mistakes and I want it to look clean and perfect all the time. I change my mind like crazy… I can only use electronic and now I have gotten into the habit of constant backing up. <3

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