Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Time to organize and clean out your closet

The 10 things you can start purging from your closet… I agree with pretty much all of them, although sometimes I have serious misgivings when I get rid of something (it is rare but it happens), and I wish I had never donated or sold it… like a pair of knee-high pointed brown leather boots..

The Ordinary is a brand that is gaining cult status for giving high-end ingredients for very low / cheap prices in terms of skincare. I have tried their Vitamin C Serum and did not like the texture – felt too greasy, but this Niacinamide and Zinc is cheap enough to try at under $20.

With some ideas of how to organize your accessories and jewellery…… there are some great ideas in there like a jewellery hanging rack which you can see here that my partner made for me with Little Bun as a gift one year.

FINALLY! This is how much fashion folks earn in each role….. The only 6-figure salary is an advertising bookings editor..

I loved this book Curated Closet so much, that I purchased it in a physical copy because it is better to see the colour palettes (than in an e-book) and to see the examples / flow charts in a properly formatted manner. I am already pretty solid in terms of knowing what I like, don’t like, and so on, but it never hurts to get a refresher and to see a different way of looking at style.

And talking about inter-faith marriages and relationships, I can say that from the chats I have had (and dates) with my limited experience with Jewish guys, some of it rings true — they all do / did end up marrying Jewish-faith women. I think this is common in many faiths and even cultures, as I recall a friend being dumped by a boyfriend because they were not from the same ancestral tribe. Or a guy I know specifically looking to marry a girl who could speak his language and came from his culture and he wouldn’t date anyone else.

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