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What are your closet and drawers like? Do you keep things neat, etc?

My closet is both organized and disorganized.
I did a couple posts on this already:
It is organized in the sense that I have sections for each type all sorted by colour in order of the rainbow (white to red, orange, yellow, green blue, purple, browns, greys then black)
1. Skirts
2. Coats by season (Spring, Autumn, Winter)
3. My one lone suit I use for all my interviews
4. Dresses
5. Pants and Jeans
6. Scarves
I have a rolling rack in there which holds my tops in this order (and by colour):
A. tank tops
B. t-shirts
C. long-sleeved shirts
D. sweaters
E. blazers
F. leather jackets
G. belts
All my sweaters are folded, and one rack has cashmere, the other rack has cotton.
All my sweater dresses are folded (on a hanger they’d stretch out).
My bras and underwear is all in the bathroom drawer (that’s where I dress), alongside my jewellery in little pouches.
All my long necklaces that get very easily tangled, are hung on a little jewellery rack my partner made for me for Mother’s Day with Little Bun. It is one of my favourite pieces in the whole house.
It is also disorganized because when I undress or have to hang things up, I toss it on a little table I have in the closet and do it all at once when I have time because I don’t want to take out the rolling rack each time I need to put a single thing away.
As for keeping it NEAT… yeah, well it gets messy. It is my office, my pantry, my closet, my toiletries supply section, and I keep it all in bags in there. It gets pretty messy because I have a lot of stuff.
I am trying to pare down, and to at least have things laid out neatly so that I can see what I own and use it (when I see it), but it is so hard to get rid of anything.
I’m working on it though. I just.. happen to love it all. When I go to try and get rid of a piece, I don’t want to because I still like it.
It’s just that I have such a variety, and such an amount of clothing that I could go probably 6 months without repeating an outfit or doing any laundry, that it can get overwhelming and I acknowledge that.
My shoes, boots and sandals are on a rack in front, along with my purses (more purses). Again, I have a LOT of things… I do use a lot of it however.
If I had another section where I could just store seasonal clothing (linen and cotton for summer), that would really free up a lot of space. For instance, I was thinking about transforming my rolling rack each season to only hold the pieces I can wear in that season.
So for winter, I’d only have wool, cashmere and so on, and in summer I’d switch it out to have the rack only hold what I’d wear.
The problem is… the rack is not big enough (LOL) and the time it would take to go through and pick, and organize a subset of clothing, a capsule wardrobe if you will, each season (every 3 months) is tiring, and would require a lot of thought and time devoted to this which I feel like I cannot do.
That said, it would probably save me a lot of time in getting dressed. I’d have only 10 items in any given category to choose from and BOOM, getting dressed is super easy, everything gets rotated in my wardrobe…. I’m still pondering it as a good idea.
I may do it as an experiment one season and see how I like it.

What about you?

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  • Sandy

    I think the capsule wardrobe idea is excellent. It would allow you to wear all of your clothes and to perhaps donate/sell the garments that you don’t wear. I also like how you have lots of your stuff laid out so that you can see and find what you need. I find it very difficult to part with my stuff. I just recently sorted through my closet for the umpteenth time and so far have 4 big bags to take to the hospice thrift shop. I am beginning to get into the ‘less is more’ mindset and keeping only the garments that look great on me. Still hard to stop shopping though :/

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