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My Closet Before & After Moving

After I moved, everything was a hot mess.

I mean it was a bit of a hot mess before, I was using no less than 3 closets for all of my things.


I basically just got all my clothes and things unceremoniously stacked and dumped all higgedly-piggedly into the closet.

I was graciously given the “walk-in” closet because my partner only has 20 shirts, 3 pairs of pants, 2 pairs of jeans, 1 pair of chinos, 1 polo shirt and 5 grey shirts.

Yeah. He barely takes up half a closet.

Anyway, this “gem” (note the heavy sarcasm) of a walk-in closet was truly an awkward space because they had modified the original layout and gave the second bedroom more space but ate away at the walk-in.

So now we had this awkward, strange dead space in the middle the length of a closet. You couldn’t put anything on either side of the walls because there was.. no space.


Standing in the doorway, this is what I see:


See that floor? See how much DEAD SPACE THERE IS THERE?

It is completely crammed to the brim with my bags for now, but it is literally a dead zone. Nothing can be done, custom-wise or not.

Custom closet folks would come in and probably laugh at me if I said:

So.. can you do anything?

Anyway, these are my racks. All messed up. Nothing in order, it was utter chaos for my brain.

I couldn’t sleep at night, I was so annoyed with how unorganized it was.


After I tackled it, it looked like this & my partner had come up with a brilliant idea.


It was a brilliant stroke of genius.

He had planned on ripping down the racks you see there, and putting up a rack or something and then having a rolling closet rack, but I told him I needed ALL THE closet rail space possible, so I proposed that it stay the same, but maybe we add a few more shelves up top later on to use up that dead space.


This is what you see when you open the door now.


Then as you pull out the rolling rack, you see the whole closet and that dead space that now holds a rack:


Skirts then coats on the left with delicate knit cashmere sweaters on top that cannot be put on hangers:


Then you see more coats, dresses and pants on the other side with purses on top:


And the rack? GENIUS!

You have purses on top, my jackets, blazers and all my tops

More bags on the bottom holding files and so on


Close up of my jackets, blazers & tops:




Ingenuity strikes at any moment.

This was really a great idea to get a rolling rack to use up that dead space.

The only caveat is I’m lazy and it’s kind of annoying as I have to roll out the rack each time if I can’t reach in and grab what I need easily.

THAT SAID… I got a whole other clothes rail out of it to hold my coats and tops semi-comfortably not to mention two other racks to hold things.


I am embarrassed to announce that it is still a bit of a tight fit.

I see that my clothes are not breathing and hanging freely in neat little 1/2″ spaces between the super slim velvet hangers, so I can tell that I basically have too much.

It does NOT look like this which is kind of my ideal…


So I think the only way to solve this, is to only buy for the amount of hangers I have, or less.

My pants are currently also somewhat hanging on this trouser rack thing but it’s annoying and I hate it.

I need to get more pant clips for the remaining spare hangers I own.

Whatever it is, I need to start treating each hanger like it has to hold the most precious of goods in a limited space which.. it absolutely is.

My partner turns to me and gives me the side eye, saying:

I think it’s time to stop buying now.



I can really see everything in my closet at once and I am starting to actually REACH FOR and pick out things I normally didn’t even notice in my other crammed closet.

Instead of reaching for my tried-and-true pieces and combinations, I’m spending time making up new ones now.

It also helps that I started on the StyleBook app and it has really opened my eyes to how many great pieces I have that I haven’t even reached for because I have been so lazy AND I haven’t seen them or have been easily able to reach them.

The belts are also now FRONT AND CENTER on the rack, the bags are laid out and easily reached on two different levels, and the scarves are displayed nicely.


  • Irene

    You probably prefer hanging, but I would invest in a dresser (kijiji or ikea variety). It is much better for things like sweaters, knits and tees, and random stuff like belts, scarves, undies, etc. It keeps the dust off, prevents snagging on those wire shelves, and is much much easier to keep tidy. You can then put all of your bags on those shelves, without having them fall off or be squished.

    If you raised the one side of your wardrobe to allow for double hanging, and have one side for long, you would have far more space. Without the rolling rack issue…

    The way you have it set up now will require constant organizing, tweaking and moving around. So it will constantly become messy.

    Also… get rid of 10-20%. That new app you’re using will probably tell you which clothes can be removed from your wardrobe. Or at the very least folded and put into rubbermaid storage totes.

    I am a neat freak and it has taken me years to get my closet looking like your ideal picture. But now it’s always like that all the time and I love it. You’ll get there… I don’t think your storage is optimized yet.

    • save. spend. splurge.

      What a great set of tips!!!! Funnily enough, my partner suggested that one wall be turned into double hanging but the problem is I have long pants, skirts AND dresses and they don’t all fit on one wall at once.

      Secondly, I tried to get rid of 10-20% lately but couldn’t .. Out of 3 bags, I only have 1 that I’m hesitant to donate now haha

      I also still kind of love the rolling rack, it has given me a ton of space for my office things and files, I have NO SPACE to store anything else of mine, so it all has to go in this closet.

      I also have bags on another rack so that was a saving grace. Picture to come.

      Lastly, I finally removed bags off the floor (hiding secret wine bottles as gifts for my partner) and now I can walk into my closet on either side of my rack

  • Alexis McKenzie

    Very nice! Gotta love a closet overhaul.

  • Taylor Lee @ Yuppie Millennial

    Wow, that’s a lot of clothing.

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