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10 Essentials in Every Woman’s Parisian Minimalist Style Wardrobe



I obviously am biased on this, and would recommend Burberry as THE ultimate brand for a perfect trench coat.

I bought this one on sale and I love it because I can switch up the belts and cuffs.


You can learn how to tie a proper trench coat knot as pictured above.

Anyway, a trench in a neutral camel/beige/tan colour is ideal because you can wear it over ANY outfit and instantly raise the chic factor.

…I daresay, even over sweatpants (but please don’t do this).

What I do wear from time to time is I wear a t-shirt, jeans, ballet flats and throw this coat on, belt it in front and I am out the  door for fast errands.



It gets cold, but even if it doesn’t, you need some lightweight, tissue cardigans that cover your shoulders and arms without adding bulk.

I love these cardigans in jewel tones, but I’d at least suggest black, midnight blue or navy, ivory or white before trying out different cardigans.


These pants have to hit right at your ankle bone!

In particular, I love these pants from Banana Republic in the Sloan fit, as they’re well made in Bahrain.


Every woman needs an even rinse, dark pair of jeans in a style that fits.

I like the skinny and bootcut versions the best, but maybe straight-leg works for you.

For every woman though, I think bootcut is the perfect cut for all body types.

How to buy a perfect pair of jeans here, and shopping for bony, flat butts.


If you wear this dark pencil skirt (NOT NECESSARILY BLACK!) with a t-shirt and heels, it looks great, or with any blouse, or top.. it looks incredible.

A pencil skirt is really a must have and it works on every body type.

You just have to watch the fabric because jersey pencil skirts work best for skinny hips but something more structured works best for bigger-hipped ladies.

I have a thrifted high-waisted version and I love it.


I don’t like ribbed tank tops because they’re too casual. My favourite go-to brands for tanks in a flat knit would be American Apparel (made in the U.S.), and Banana Republic (made in Vietnam).

I’d buy them in all the neutrals – white, navy, black and grey, and wear them under blouses, cardigans and so on.


I am a sucker for these because v-necks are SO flattering.

When I want to go casual and effortless without thinking about it or overthinking it, I wear this with trousers or a skirt, and a little jacket / topper.

You can buy really good, cheap ones at Simons in Montreal ($10 from the brand Twik), or basically any major retailer (H&M is a good place for this).

I like them in black, light grey, white and navy blue. Obviously.


See above. Same logic applies as #7 except it’s for summer, it covers your shoulders…. all good things.


Wrap dresses are my jam, but they should be YOUR jam too.

They fit every body type, they look good on EVERY body type (I have yet to find a woman who looks terrible in a wrap dress).

You only need to check the dip in front. I find Diane von Furstenberg’s wrap dresses to be VERY low cut, so I always wear a slip under them.

Bionic (from Toronto) makes a good wrap dress.. or at least he used to, but as of late he has not been making good wraps.

Still, they’re easy to find at every price point. Banana Republic always has a gorgeous wrap dress and even with Zara, H&M, you can’t go wrong with a wrap dress from them.


Either in a ballet flat or heels, nude shoes elongate your legs.

I’m currently on the hunt for this, so I can’t give any current recommendations but I hear Lanvin ballet flats are killer… (and very expensive).

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  1. Lisa

    I agree – a classic trench coat really dresses an outfit up! Right now, a good wrap dress is on my list “to buy”.

    1. save. spend. splurge.

      Banana republic has Gemma wrap dresses that look decent and basic for a good price if it is 40% off

  2. Mckristie

    What style is your Burberry. I have been on the fence with that purchase for years but the changeable belt and cuffs may seal the deal. I wasn’t able to find anything similar on their website??

  3. Anastasia

    I have all of these except the crops and ballet flats, crops look odd on me and ballet flats aren’t comfortable to me. Other than that I am all about building a wardrobe off of staples and mixing in a few trend pieces here and there.

    1. save. spend. splurge.

      Really? crops don’t look good? I’m 5’5″ and I thought they’d make me look stupid but I am SO channeling Audrey Hepburn in that outfit…

  4. SarahN

    SO many of the long sleeved tees in my wardrobe – better when my tummy is flat and not flabby :p I have a navy trench, very cheap but a risk so I didn’t go ‘big’ on price. Ankle hitting pants- I have cropped, but not at that Parisian length 🙁

  5. E

    For your nude shoes, you may consider “Attilio giusti leombruni” that are made in Italy. The Nordstrom sells them. They normally go on sale during the semi annual sales. My sister swears by them who has both Lanvin and AGl (she favors them more).

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