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10 Closet + Office “Cloffice” Wardrobe Organization Ideas

A Closet + Office = CLOFFICE. *lightbulb* .. I love the idea of a closet office, where I could work, surrounded by all my wonderful, favourite things. Oh *hearts in eyes*

In my future closet remodel, I am DEFINITELY going to consider creating a Cloffice because I would love to work in my own closet and be inspired by my clothing and neatly organized items, and bits and bobs of inspiration around me.

Here are some great, drool-worthy photos of inspiration I am getting lately:

I love the idea of a pouf in the middle, it’s a nice seating area but also a great place to fling outfits you’re thinking about.

I also think the office by a window is needed, or a LOT of light (I have bad eyes, so I need this badly), and I would rather have my office facing my closet (a neat, organized one) than the other way around, as I love fashion.


I like the bookcase for shoes but I think I’d probably keep my shoes in the mud room, neatly stacked, rather than in a bedroom as that’s where I’d wear shoes before I leave the home, and it’s more practical. Plus cleaner.

Lastly, this is clearly the Ikea PAX system, and I like how she put shelves in the middle with some space for inspiration – the handbag on display, or a jewellery stand.

Source: A Lo Profile

This is Aimee Song’s Cloffice, and it is less buttoned up than I expected, though everything is done in a rainbow theme, which I don’t hate, but also think may be a little disorganized for me – I like rainbows within categories.

Source: Glamour

I especially like this cloffice, with the desk and the very comfortable wingchair with so much natural light, and an inspirational accessories bar (?) to the side, with her displayed purses and items, plus a little bench chair beside the table.

I don’t think my future closet will have enough room to have THIS much space for a desk but if it did, this is such a great idea.

This is pretty much a spare bedroom size, and I am planning on taking half of a bedroom, so this is not likely to happen, though I enjoy the idea of a countertop space in the middle of the room, for decoration, display, and storage. I LOVE this because it makes me think of it as my own personal store where everything fits me perfectly (or is tailored for me).

Please note the brilliant idea I am stealing for having hooks on the shelving as well, so I can put outfits up to hang as I am thinking about them, or displaying items I want to wear next (a beautiful dress, or a handbag), kind of like a valet hanger or rack.

Source: Ivory Lane

This is a dreamy, all-white office that is more my vibe in terms of colour palette. It’s a little too minimalist to fit my needs (I have probably quadruple what is pictured here), but I like it all the same as a feeling.

Source: Lauren Elyce

For small spaces, a tiny office in the corner may work. Not for me, but … it’s great in a bedroom and in a small space.

Source: Lonny

Or here’s another small space idea in the corner, and I like the idea of the crate turned on its side and used as a box or suitcase storage to the side, a bench of sorts!

It’s likely to be the same size (more or less) of what I will have in the future, so I’m keenly studying these images.

Source: Lonny

This one, I like because of the vibe, and that it’s right by the window, but that’s mostly it. I think the desk is too short for my needs (I like a wiiiiiiide desk), and I need drawers or something in this desk for things.

Source: Stiletto Beats

Another great small office space, but I hate glass tables – something about it being too squeaky or glass-y… makes me nervous about writing or doing anything on it. Even if it’s acrylic, I still prefer having something substantial in wood, even if it visually clutters hte space.

Another nice Ikea PAX setup, and I like the shoe boxes at the top and the display in the middle for flowers (fake?) and some books.

Source: Lark & Linen

Source: Lumens

OK this one is not an office but I LOVE the idea of dividing the bedroom up to use part of it as a closet. It’s open, it’s cool, and easy to do without any extra installation, really. And you get a cool background or headboard for the bed (or more space just above it with the bed tucked in?)

Source: Unknown

I love the black accent of the chandelier over the office, as it is warm (doesn’t look harsh), yet a bit edgy. I’d likely add gold accents somewhere because I’m that person… and the blank side of that wardrobe, I’d likely use it as a jewellery hanging display or belt or scarf display to use up the space, or maybe some art?

Source: Unknown

Hope you enjoyed the CLOFFICE ideas!


  • Catherine

    So. did you coin the term “Cloffice”?

    I’m working towards a “Gloffice” = Guest + Closet + Office. The only difference is that the sofa can be converted into a guest bed.

    My favourite of what you showed above, is where they used the side of the office as the back/headboard for the bed. That idea is so smart and great use of space. For the most applicable example, I’d like to incorporate something that has doors/covers, as I find that my clothes can get dusty with the open shelves/racks. In my case, I’ll be using curtains to hide my closet and be the backdrop for my office (i.e., Zoom calls).

    One thing to note is that when you have your desk right at the window, depending on your office’s orientation, it might be too bright. This was the case for me, and I ended up moving the desk to be about halfway into the room.

    Keep these inspo images coming!

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      I absolutely did not, it was already there! I was surprised haha …

      I think I may end up doing the future bedroom split in half to be able to have that open closet space.

      Noted about the window – I like very bright light but you’re right, it’s annoying when it shines on the screen

  • Gail

    I like them all. Are you really getting a cloffice? In current home or another?

    I like best the one somewhere in the beginning middle that has a woman with a beehive hairdo–maybe AHepburn.–best.
    This couldn’t work for me,though. I like to be at the big table where we eat, in talking distance to my husband at his desk. I don’t have such pretty clothes that are decor-worthy, either! But I love the compartments and the white and the size of the smaller cloffices. Fun to look at.

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      This is all research for my future home! Not for right now. 🙂 I would really like a big desk in the middle, surrounded by my pretty things and inspiration. I don’t need to be near my partner – actually he talks really loudly when he is on Skype or has his own TV on quite loud, so I’d rather be far away from him, and sit at the dinner table or counter if I want to chat, with my laptop or a book.

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