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OMG — MM Lafleur Sale – Up to 50% Off

I usually never do these posts. You know me. And I find most sale items tend to be stuff no one wants to wear (weird colour, sizes are wrong, whatever).. but this MM Lafleur Sale which I have been watching, finally got good.

These are my picks, and I actually own these pieces (most at full price….) and I can advise on sizing below. Only certain colours are on sale, so these are the exact pieces:

(If you do decide to purchase using my links below, thank you! I will typically get a few dollars per purchase, as it’s based on the sale price.)


Originally: $245

Sale Price: $145

Why I love the MM Lafleur Lenox Skirt

This skirt is money. Like seriously so good that I don’t even care it doesn’t have pockets. The fabric is also textured and beautiful.


Take your real size. It cuts pretty fine in the waist (a lot of their stuff is hourglass-shaped), and I have the navy silk one in a US 4, but I own the magenta one in a US 6 and it fits with a little (half an inch?) room to spare.

There is NO GIVE IN THIS FABRIC. So take either your size, or one size up. Even two sizes up.

You also can’t really tailor in this skirt with darts at the side to give it more of a nipped in waist, because it will affect the integrity of the folds of the skirt and the gorgeous draping, given it is not a pull on skirt, but a zipped-at-the-back-one.

A tailor COULD take in the back where the zipper is, but to remove that zipper, from the intricate folds and pleats, with the impeccable tailoring of this outfit, would cost you $$$$$$$$$.

So. Take your size, or one size up.

OOTD Real Shots

This one is colour Amaranth which has long since sold out.


Original Price: $145

Sale Price: $75

Why I love the MM Lafleur Angelou Shawl

I own this shawl in two colours – dark charcoal and a light cream. They are the PERFECT throw-over piece in the office, where it is kept perpetually cold because the entire world is geared for and made for men, not women. It goes over any outfit. Dress, Skirt + Top, Pants + Top, and looks very chic and cool.

I particularly am enamoured by this one because.. you guessed it, it’s TIPEPD. It is white with a TIPPED lining in black (be still my heart).


One size fits all.


Original Price: $145

Sale Price: $65

Why I love the MM Lafleur Rowling Top

It doesn’t conform to my natural fabrics rule, as it feels slinky and smooth (read: not natural), but it is the perfect not too deep cowl neck, tucks slim and neatly into skirts and pants without weir bunching, and comes in so many different colours.

I own it in black and have been eying the other shades.


Take your real size or even size down. I can fit into a Small or an Extra-Small in this, but my body type is usually Small.

OOTD Shots


Why I love the MM Lafleur Dina Dress

How can you not love it? The necktie is so modern and feminine yet bold and masculine, the dress itself looks like a dream, and the colour is an inky blue. It’s everything I embody being in a dress!


Take your real size, or size up one if you’re in between. I took a Size 4 in this, and I am normally (body shape) a size 4. It fit like a GLOVE. It’s also wool, so there is a tiny little bit of stretch but not much, and you don’t want the neck area to look / feel like it’s choking you.

OOTD Shots


Original Price: $110

Sale Price: $55

Why I love the MM Lafleur Crossover Belt

It looks like a multiple belt situation but it is one perfect belt that looks edgy, cool, and yet very corporate.


Take your actual size, this is not a belt you can play around with the ends, and sort of loop or do anything with. You just have to use the notches on there.

OOTD Shots


Original Price: $165

Sale Price: $115

Why I love the MM Lafleur Deneuve Top

It’s flowy, it tucks nicely into bottoms, and looks effortless because IT IS. And it isn’t too low cut.


Take your real size or size down. It’s a pretty loose top. I got it in a Small and like the sort of flowy look to it, as it is draped in front.

OOTD Shots


Original Price: $265

Sale Price: $160

Why I like the MM Lafleur Gosia Dress

I have legit been stalking this dress for a while. It’s a wrap dress (check!), it has curved hem bottom (CHECK!) and it is in the most beautiful deep blue that isn’t a navy, nor a cobalt (check!)


I’d size up to fit my shoulders, and take a US 6 because the rest of it would be loose and I could tighten it with the belt. The shoulders are important to fit in this, because the sleeves are longer, and very structured as you can see in the photo.  They aren’t loose or stretchy, and I’d rather feel comfortable moving my arms around.


Original Price: $240

Sale Price: $120

Why I like the MM Lafleur Hailey Dress

I LOVE the colour. Another blue, but a brighter one than above. It also has pockets, and is a wrap dress. All my kryptonite.


I’d take a US 4 in this, my actual body size. That’s because I can see the shoulders are stretchy, and just cap sleeves, but not long, structured sleeves like in the above dress. It would fit on me in both sizes, but I’d take the 4 in this case, as it looks a little loose anyway.


Why I like the MM Lafleur Minetta Skirt

The draping is different from the Lenox, and drapes BOTH ways away from your waist, rather than looking like one long draped piece hanging in the front. I know it’s a subtle difference, but it is a difference nonetheless, and gives the skirt another dimension or look, at least in my opinion.


This is a more forgiving skirt to size in and wear, than the Lenox, as it isn’t as structured and is a stretchy pull-on one.

Take your actual size.

I’d buy a Small in this, but seeing as it is stretchy, and form-fitting, I could even fit into a Medium and just have it looser. I wouldn’t gamble on the Extra- Small however, as the front opens up and you wouldn’t want a skirt too tight, as it would always gape open at the bottom

OOTD shots

I obviously bought the entire outfit at full price:

Happy shopping!

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  1. Jen

    The Dina dress is stunning. What a lovely brand.

    1. Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      It is surprisingly one of my favourites now, even with the high neck

  2. Sarah Niman

    Does MM Lafleur not ship to Canadian addresses? How are you shipping?

    1. Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      I have a shipping mule (friend) whom I use 🙂 They do not ship to Canada.

  3. ReadingSSS

    So many pretties…Great that some of their stuff has pockets. They should add pockets to the draped skirts, hidden in the folds.

    You enabler! LOL

    1. Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      I know 🙁 The draped Minetta and Lenox skirts have NO pockets and I feel like they could have squeezed it in, but then again, I see how the look of the sides would have been thrown off slightly with the addition of pockets as well…. Alas!


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