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Maison Jacynthe Napoli Natural 9-Free and 10-Free Nailpolish Colour Swatch Review (Vernis à ongles)

I normally don’t do any nail polish anything, because I have zero skills in knowing how to apply the polish in the first place. So at the ripe old age of 37, I finally did my first pedicures in my life.

The first two pedicures were horrific, so I won’t be posting those, but now I am seeing that what is in the bottle is not necessarily what it dries down to in all the cases. I figured a short review of each colour I have, would be in order.

What I look for in a nail polish:

  • At least 8-free meaning free of 8 chemicals or higher (some of these are 9-free or 10-free)
  • Reasonably priced – around $13 or under a bottle
  • Eco-friendly or at least, a little organic if possible, or water-based

I am not really into collecting a million different nail polishes

I really just want one in each of these colour categories:

  • Deep crimson blood red
  • Dark burgundy wine
  • Dark blackberry
  • Dark pinkish berry
  • Magenta pink
  • Pink with a coral undertone
  • Rosy neutral pink
  • Gold (this is unexpected, but I do like the colour a lot, and think it would be pretty as a pedicure colour)

I really don’t wear any other colours on my toes. I don’t like bright Barbie pinks, I don’t like peaches, and I have a very specific colour range I will wear on my toes. I don’t like blues, greens, blacks, oranges… none of that. I keep it simple with reds, pinks, or gold.

Maison Jacynthe’s Colour: Napoli


Their website SUCKS. They only have a blurry image of the nail polish bottle, no colour, no swatch, no pedicure or manicure example.


I had to try and Google / frantically figure out what this colour could look like, but in the end, just bought it in-person, but the swatch looked nothing like what ended up on my toe, to be honest. I buy these in-person at Avril Épicerie and they’re about $14 CAD each.

As I am never going to buy certain colours, I’ll also try to link to similar reviews from other bloggers. Chantal’s Corner reviewed Maison Jacynthe and this Petite Stephy in a Youtube video.

Official description

“See Naples and die!”: Neapolitans use this expression to underline their city’s beauty. A unique place that blends the best of nature and architecture, all while being located between two impressive volcanos. For us, Napoli is also a gorgeous nail polish enriched with organic silicon, with protective and strengthening properties to make sure your nails will be protected from everyday jolts. Its audacious tint will enhance your style day after day, thanks to its long-lasting properties. And just like all our nail polishes, it’s been conceived to last for a whole week. This rosy red will beautify your nails, and just like a fiery and sleepy volcano, it will mesmerize everyone with its impressive effervescence!

Percentage of ingredients of natural origin:

76% – Our nail polishes are free of 9 to 10 toxic ingredients: the highest ecological guarantee in the field!

– Between 75.5% and 80% natural, and fortified with organic silicon with strengthening and protecting qualities.

Certified “cruelty-free” by PETA.

– Formulated without formol, phenol formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalate, paraben, xylene, camphor, styrene, benzophenone and rosin (except for Manarola nail polish, which may contain traces of rosin). They’re also nickel-free and gluten-free to avoid the risk of allergies.


This image was snagged from a natural nail spa (?) or salon, and I’m fairly sure this is the same Napoli colour (they aren’t crazy with range of shades like Zoya)

I can now see on the BRUSH that it looks more like my toenail, but in the bottle itself, it definitely looks pinker than what it dries to.

It looks like this, but only after a filter! LOL

This is it in natural light in the evening:


I still have a little work on my technique to cover, but not bad for a THIRD attempt in my life to do a pedicure on my own!? 🙂


The bottle in person looks a bit more pink than what I ended up getting. I was expecting more of a deep dark magenta with a hint of red, and I got the opposite, more of a red with a hint of magenta.

It’s hard to see, so I tried to capture it with a closeup of my big toe with the bottle. You can see at the top of the bottle, it looks a little more like a magenta pink, but on my toe, it’s definitely dried into more of a reddish tone.

This polish was supposed to fall under dark magenta pink for me, but it ends up being more of a pinkish red for me, which was not in my list at all. I will wear and keep it, but I won’t buy it again if I already have a crimson red I like.

I don’t need subtle changes in different types of apple red, or crimson red, or magenta reds. I just like one crimson red, and this falls into that category.



Application/Ease of use

I only applied ONE COAT in the above photos. Not two, and it dried pretty opaque, then I did a top coat on it.

I will say the brush was nice and large, and I only needed one stroke on every toe but my big toe, to cover the entire nail without any smearing or bleeding, so this was nice, as I am a newbie.

I will be getting more of their polishes along with other natural brands, and seeing how they match up, and which ones I liked the best.

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