Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Can an heiress be self-made?

Clean your phone. NOW. WIPE IT DOWN NOW. This is why.

This black turtleneck is everything I covet – bishop sleeves and cropped to wear with skirts.

I do NOT get the hype of this coat from Rent the Runway. I love a good pink coat, but this just looks… weird to me. Maybe I am too basic.

The myth of black women being golddiggers (e.g. rap and hiphop music) was a fascinating read. I don’t think I ever associated it with black women specifically, even though I listen to said songs, but to just a stereotype of most women regardless of age and colour.

I know this is a striped swimsuit, but this could be worn as an actual bodysuit, don’t you think?

Speaking of being rich — can an heiress really be considered self-made? And related to that article — The Denial Underlying Millennial Financial Resentment (via New Yorker – 3 free articles a month) was a good read.

This D&G floral printed skirt is far too sweet for me, but man look at the gorgeous detail on the flowers…

53% of Millennials (ages 21 – 37) expect to be millionaires one day or already are. ….What is more telling is that 70% of guys said this but only 38% of women, so I am in the minority, so to speak.

I am obsessed with the poppy flower and I feel like this is a pretty affordable print on a skirt. Or this one is very summery and fresh but I am slowly being turned off A-Line skirts at the moment.

I am sort of blushing as I am reading this because my goal this year is to have a personal net worth of a million and am in this group, I wrote about how I felt like a million did not even seem to be enough for retirement these days. I say this not because I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth, but just being realistic. If I were to take a million and try to retire today, I couldn’t. I would need two million. As I keep working, I will need to have less saved, and if I downgraded my lifestyle as well..

This could be the perfect black blazer replacement for my (slowly dying) black blazer….

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