Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Where this sex party article is the most f*cked up one I have thus far

…. I am speechless about this Silicon Sex Valley Party business.

I mean on the one hand, people can do what they want, consensually speaking. I also get how the guys feel — I was not exactly attractive or desirable at any point of my life until about my mid-20s, and even then… meh. Lukewarm. Even now probably.

On the other hand, the hypocrisy, the whole double standard of men versus women being “allowed” to do this… the girls who don’t know what they’re getting into (or do?)… It all sounds so surreal, so f*cked up, and slimy. It feels really disgusting. I am very, 100000% happy not to be in that area, near it, or part of it.

It is pretty much a pr0n party with geeks with a lot of money who finally get to do whatever they want and are flaunting it off. If a woman does it though? OH HEAVEN FORBID she have the same equal rights…. This is our society at its base.

Still want these moto leggings.. and these look GREAT for plus-size women.

I need these people to come and do my closet for me like in this 12-hour makeover. I need to leave on an errand for a few days (LOL that is how long it will take) and they come in and tell me what should go, and I do a Marie Kondo bow, say thank you and end up with a gorgeous closet like this one.

This might be one of the ugliest bags I have ever seen for $400 USD. I feel like this is something I could not only make myself, but buy for $1 in Chinatown.

I followed Adina’s DIY tips on rehabbing wool, and her Smythe find turned out beautifully (love it!), and my turtleneck is now on the mend.

I still wear to death, my Smythe wool winter coat, so when this skinny lapel one came out, I was smitten.

What to get rid of right now, to start the decluttering process.

If you are waffling on splurging on a pair of shearling boots, DO IT. These over the knee versions I bought (they’re pricey I won’t lie), are my go-to boots for winter on the weekends now (it’s a little risqué for the office imho). My legs have never been warmer.


Don’t stress about your money, but approach it in this way.

OH my. OH my.. how pretty are these earrings? I wish I WORE earrings.. they’re just show stoppers.


  • Jeannie

    The Silicone sex party artcle… Cringe… I think those men are delusional about their behaviour pushing the social boundaries etc etc. It’s predatory and possible thanks to the huge power imbalance. The 2:1 ratio of women to men says it all.

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