Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge: Where did they hide the Crown Jewels during WW II?

Big thanks to Cassie for the inspiration to make her household closer to Zero Waste.

These are (cheaper) dead ringers for Saint James striped Garde Cote shirts…

The Crown Jewels were in the biscuit tin during WWII. OMG! How cool was that? Can you imagine? You reach for a cookie and get some jewels…

I would like this moto leather jacket if it were a dark dark DARK grey… so this navy blue suede one is more up my alley.

Is your work actually 24/7? I sometimes feel like if anyone is in the professional blogging business, or heck, owns a storefront or a restaurant, it does seem like you live at work not at home. This is how to handle that stressful 24/7 balance.

This is a super interesting wrap top. I wonder if I could pull it off with my shoulders….

I found myself nodding along with these tips on people who LOVE their jobs. I .. LOVE my job. ….but if you’re one of those folks who hates your job, here are a few ways out if you hate what you do

Why do designers make the most hideous garments? This jacket looks like a skinned Smurf.

.. hmm I think I’m unwittingly playing the role of Office Ingenue right now. Then next is Beck and Call? Oh. Then Den mother?…

I may need this gentle wake-up alarm clock for Little Bun so he knows that when he sees it being dark, he should be STILL SLEEPING, not waking up and doing math in my face.

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