Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge: Where you just have to stop procrastinating, betches..

I don’t get this song – Look what you made me do by TSwift. It sounds TERRIBLE. I listened to it, hoping to find another favourite to listen on repeat like crazy, but it just sucks. I think the video itself is fantastically done, and full of visual notes which is fab.

I want to buy this lightbox for the office so I can put sayings on there like: Work in Progress. Take a #.

Stop procrastinating. It is possible. Here are 6 ways to GET IT DONE.

Even after all this time, I still want this leopard print calf hair pouch. I feel like it would be so much fun to add to an outfit.

All things to avoid doing at work. Thank goodness I don’t do any of them… I avoid all of it as much as possible, but I have to say that “gossip” has its place too. I hear about stuff that people have done or said, and that makes me understand the background / office politics that is not apparent to me a bit more.

I am sort of (and always will be) obsessed with paperbag waist things, so these paperbag waist pants are really tugging at my heart strings.

A week in NYC on a Director’s salary…. $1.5 million! I loved seeing into the life of someone who is CRUSHING it salary-wise and seeing what she spent her money on.

Can’t stop looking at delicate layered necklaces…. this one looks so pretty.

…More MM Lafleur reviews and dressing room notes for anyone who is eying that brand. My own MM Lafleur purchases and reviews are here.

Would it be too…. casual to wear knotted slide sandals? Would they be a step up from flip flops..? Or just.. pretty much the same thing?

Life after retirement — EARLY retirement that is, and what he did when they asked him to help out.. I would have set a rate and worked remotely. *shrug* I don’t hate my job…

I looked at these shoes, thought these knotted leather strap shoes would be perfect .. like a mix between sandal + shoe. And work appropriate for me.

I do not agree with this article completely but I see the point of people without childrenĀ being asked to do more and work late, work weekends because they don’t have kids or a spouse. It’s unfair, but… you know, if you read my Week of Money posts, having a kid is not a frickin’ picnic. It isn’t like having a dog, it is like having another full-time job with MAJOR overtime with zero pay.

The perfectly blousy, drapey button-down that I wear on repeat in my wardrobe.

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