Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: If you want to be a minimalist, get rid of everything

I loved this tongue-in-cheek post, entitled: How to get rid of clutter and live abundantly¬†… as a self-proclaimed minimalist, I laughed my #%#*% off… It was a perfect start to my day.

(Thanks A!)

This Smythe tie blazer is everything my heart desires… except for of course, the price tag. O_o

Probably the most comprehensive book list on personal style books you can buy for yourself or others. I love her blog because she makes me think.

I am looking for a possible replacement for my Club Monaco booties that I have worn to death, and am currently shopping for candidates who will fit the bill… so far, these Jeffrey Campbell ones could be the winners.

ACTUAL, crazy rich Asians. I am only envious because I really want their clothes, but I am also not, because I don’t know what I would do if I had all that money and could buy anything I wanted. I feel like style and shopping would become a little bit lost or empty for me if I did not have restraints on my income. Not that I really have restraints on my income anyway…

A simple black faux leather tote that looks richer than its price tag. I have many totes of this size and they are so practical to throw all of your junk in and run off.

Speaking of the uber rich, chauffeuring them around sounds like hell. The insight into their lives, what they do, being on call 24/7 like some driving slave… wow. I am not sure the tips are worth the stress and the long hours of driving and waiting. Or maybe they are? What do you think?

That said, I am always very nice when I am dealing with anyone in a service environment — from the clerk to the sales person .. to WHOEVER you come across. You just never know when it might come back to bite you if you aren’t well-mannered. This is why I love people like Roger Federer who did not throw a diva tantrum from being denied entry because he did not have ID on him¬†[Video] <3

I own these Spanx camo leggings (buy a size up, I am a small and took a medium), and I wear them more often than I should, they are just so well-made!

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